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Youngest Music Producer: Sanjay S Yadav


In the generation of pop music a talented artist from the city of Tansen, an artist entertaining the world from his soulful piano music yes, Sanjay S Yadav is an independent artist who is entertaining India with his fingers. He has many fans in the whole world because of his skill.

Sanjay S Yadav better known as Sanjay Singh Yadav is an Indian singer, songwriter, record producer, and a well-knowned pianist from M.P., he has released music albums with Indian popular music record label Zee Music Company. He is 17 years old and a founder of a record label 7F Star Music. 
He learned his skill from Raja Mansingh Tomar Music &  Arts University Gwalior. He is also a lyricist and composer of “Main Aashiq Banya” song with Yasser Desai and he is a lyricist of few English singles with European singers.

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His latest album LEVEL was with Grammy Award winner sir Warrenhuart, the album was released digitally and on Instagram accounts. Believer is one of the hit song from his album LEVEL. Now he is supporting many of the independent artists near him.

His label 7F Star Music is all for Independent artists. His latest album is with a talented rapper from Chambal Ankit Sharma better known as Drug 06 “Fark Nhi”.

He is following a lotto “Support Every Artist Where We Can”. Sanjay is also a writer of few books and he is working with a well-known digital marketing company Swaggers. He can play many instruments including piano,  guitar, xylophone, bass, violin. He has performed a time violin in his peaceful music album “Mandolin & Clavichord”. He is a huge fan of Camila Cabello, Arijit Singh, and Drug 06.

Not so many fans he has in India but he deserves millions of heart because of his work, his mostly streamers are from U.S.A and U.K., in a meeting with him  he said that he is following sir Ludwig van Beethoven’s rule in his music career, he is supporting artists and working for artists without costs and his label too is free for all

Zee Music Company has given him a license for music distribution and for music production he has a UMG license To Under Collab Stories.

Connect Through Instagram: @imsanjaysinghyadav

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