Divya Gandotra, A Tech YouTuber, Turned Entrepreneur


Today you will meet Ms Divya Gandotra, famous YouTuber and a TechGirl. When Divya was 15, She started YouTube Channel to Unboxing latest Gadgets, create app reviews and tutorials.


She was born in Jammu, J&K, completed her Schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya then went to noida for further Studies, currently pursuing diploma in computer science engineering (second year) from PIIT Greater Noida. She also certified in Fundamental of Digital marketing by Google Unlocked.


She also stared few projects on women Safety, and she was also awarded as

  • Entrepreneur Young Achievers award in Delhi.
  • Incredible Indian icon award in Indore.

Success Journey

With the passage of time She also started her own news and media company, named theScoopBeats with +50,000 active Audience. She has more than 20,000 active Audience on Instagram.

Divya Gandotra has achieved success in a very young age of 17. At the age when teens are busy in playing and chatting on Social media, Divya Changed her Life and made her own identity, with the increase of Digitalization, Divya become Successful in technical Field. She watches success stories of other YouTubers who became zero to hero in digital platform.

Being in a Digital platform she used to learn from hatred and she drastically changed her content by her audience suggestions. In an interview with FamePublish she told, “I may not be a good content creator for myself but my audience know I am better, they support me and love my content which I create”. She added: “I was literally inspired by the movie Secret Superstar, this movie motivated me more and more to create my content”.

Divya Gandotra is also known as the Tech Girl of YouTube community. She used to manage everything from Noida. She is also a part of ASTNT. Pvt LTD. Before her YouTube Journey, she has a big stage of fear which was automatically vanished while making videos on YouTube.

Once she also said that before her YouTube journey, she never been to any debate or school stage performances as she for afraid of it. But after coming into YouTube can speak fearlessly everywhere also she believed in self-confidence.

She has faced many difficulties in this field being a girl, She used to make all videos in single room but by the time, her YouTube dream was not completed because of her studies and then she decided to pause her YouTube for few months and after her exams, she again started making content with double energy and hard work. She believes that when she purchased a DSLR from her own earnings that was her first achievement.