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Biography of Hamidreza Ghorbani

Hamidreza Ghorbani (حمیدرضاقربانی) is an Iranian composer, singer and songwriter. He is one of the well-known figures of international music and has made significant collaborations with world’s popular musicians.

Hamidreza Ghorbani is a composer of films and series and produces, mixes and masters music for the world’s leading TV stations, whose works have been broadcast on CBS, MTV, etc. He has had successful collaborations in the series “Young and Restless”.

Early life and education

Hamidreza Ghorbani was born in Isfahan province and grew up in Tehran and graduated in computer science. He started composing music at the age of sixteen and soon began composing with the familiarity of learning guitar and piano.

In the following years, he entered the professional world of music by learning the art of mixing and relying on his knowledge, and for many artists. Produced music. He is a graduate of sound engineering, mixing and mastering.

Hamidreza Ghorbani is one of the figures who, as an Iranian musician, was encouraged by the media in 2020 to compile music and was invited to collaborate. He has two international albums in his repertoire and is making new music and albums.

  • Name and surname : Hamidreza Ghorbani (حمیدرضاقربانی)
  • Place of birth : Isfahan, Iran
  • Year of birth : July 30, 1991
  • Place of residence : Tehran
  • Years of activity : 2007 until now
  • Parents : Nasser Ghorbani, Azam Shahrabi Farahani
  • Nationality : Iranian
  • Marital status : Single
  • Favorite colors : blue, black
  • Hobbies : Film, Book, Music, Tea, Coffee,
  • Favorite music styles : jazz, rock, classical, orchestral metal
  • Instruments : classical guitar, electric guitar, piano, harmonica
  • Profession: making music, sound engineering, songwriting, singing and sound recording
  • Genre : Pop
  • Voice Style : Tenor
  • Albums: Songs of Hope and Peace, Enough Love _ (2021)
  • Collaborations: Yasser Sakimehr, Bahram Ebrahimi, Peter Baltes, Shay Watson, Jason Goforth, Klaus Luchs and …
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