Keshav Mehta: The Youngest Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar Making His Destiny


Segregating himself from the crowd brings Keshav Mehta; an unstoppable and one of the most iconic and youngest entrepreneurs of the period. He has proved that age doesn’t matter it’s only the will leverage that amounts to something when it arrives at achieving something massive. The enthusiasm and hard-working spirit could steer a person on the path of success and that’s what Keshav is glorifying best through his ideal marketing.

Well here is the pro tip from the professional himself that how he stepped in the Digital Marketing sphere at the age of 18 year old and within the span of two years only he is retaining huge success. 


Keshav Mehta is an 18 years old young entrepreneur aka youngest Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar, India. He is the CEO of a renowned Marketing Agency “Kaamchaalu”. He started with his learning about digital marketing when he was only 16 years old but presently he has accumulated a lot of knowledge in this niche that he is providing consultant for your brand and startup.

Business Profile

He is the youngest Digital Marketer in Bihar who generally provides services pertaining to Internet promotion of personal brands, SEO expert, Press Release, Website development, Social media management of renowned artists, influencers and growth strategies, and much more.

Honors in His Self

He has collaborated and managed the work of many notable artists from the national and international industries. He has attained notable possession in this niche and now blooming high.

Future Plans

Being one of the most trusted and leading service providers in Digital Marketing as well as in Indian Industries of business. he has been the best digital marketer by some renowned artists. Well! We should wish him good luck with the successful future.