Kushal Kansal – A young digital marketing expert from Gurgaon


Kushal Kansal, a young entrepreneur from Gurgaon, Haryana is a new digital marketing expert who is giving a worldwide competition in digital marketing.

Kushal was ambitious from the starting now he is currently about to become India’s youngest entrepreneur. He is also providing free tips and tricks for youngsters and is helping many small pages to grow and expand their reach in a healthy and organic way.

This was his urge and habit of exploration that took him to the amazing world of digital marketing at a very young age when he was in his early 16.

Then after, he started dedicating his time in this very new world and found that it could be his career option, so he didn’t take the opportunity for granted and started working on it, with himself without any course just by learning the procedure at the internet and applying it in a very real situation.

In fact, he has achieved his skills and knowledge practically, i.e. by using the known skills, learning from the mistakes, and improving his skills on a regular basis.