Mandeep Singh: Social Media influencer changing the game with his innovative ideas


In this article, we are going to meet Mandeep Singh, a young boy with a lot of ambitions. He is doing online marketing for a couple of years now and he has worked with many famous celebrities. Mandeep is spreading motivations all around and empowers youth to do some extraordinary stuff. Unlike any other 23-year-old boy, this talented boy is breaking stereotypes.

Mandeep Singh is from Haryana and 23 years old now. He is doing Msc from punjab  university . Mandeep had started online marketing and digital promotions at the age of 20 as a freelancer. He was learning new skills every day and started applying them for different projects. That’s how the journey started. In a short period of just 3 years, Mandeep is very popular in his field. His hard work and passion for Digital Marketing are the reasons for his success.

We all know the importance of digital marketing in today’s social media world. He works individually for his clients for their social media management, YouTube Promotions, Online Press Release and Digital promotion. As we mentioned above he is very ambitious and he is not going to stop. He works harder day by day and gains knowledge. He has many more projects in the pipeline and he is planning to scale up his work and start a company next year.