Meet Pradyut Hande – Leading Marketer, Podcaster by Day; Rapper, Lifestyle Influencer by Night


Mumbai: Pradyut Hande is a man of multiple talents and complementary skills. A B2B SaaS marketer by profession, he leads Product Marketing at a top global marketing technology company. His work and thought-leadership in the marketing automation and digital transformation space has been recognized by the World Marketing Congress when he was named as one of the “Most Innovative Martech Leaders, 2019”. He has also won the prestigious “Brilliance in Innovative Technology” Award by the India Leadership Business Awards, 2019.

Extending his passion for diverse content creation, Pradyut also started Asia’s first-ever marketing + technology-focused podcast in November, 2019. One of the top-rated podcast in the digital and mobile marketing category; it now has a listenership across 18 countries.

And, that’s not it though! Pradyut also believes in creating social change through his words; drawing attention to a vital cause such as mental health and wellness. It was with this intention that he recently wrote, composed, sang, and released his debut Hindi rap single – “Nakaab Utaro”.

The 29-year-old elaborates, “As complex human beings eager to appear happy, content, and satisfied with life at all times; we operate with figurative masks (or nakaabs) on. We brush our vulnerabilities, insecurities, fears, anxieties, and stresses under the carpet. We often pretend that everything is okay. But, that’s far from the truth. That’s a hollow and borderline-fake existence that only amplifies our internal angst and turmoil. Before we know it, it takes a toll on our mental and emotional health.”

Pradyut further states, “This is my attempt to encourage people to face themselves in the mirror, seek help, and have those real and uncomfortable conversations with those that they trust. That’s the first step towards working on our mental wellness. It really shouldn’t be a stigma anymore.”

“Nakaab Utaro” is creating waves across YouTube and social media. It has gotten positive feedback from professional mental health practitioners and leading psychiatrists as well. It is also being used by medical students to normalize conversations around mental health through the relatable medium of music.

Apart from this, Pradyut is also a men’s lifestyle and fashion influencer on Instagram with over 21K followers; having worked with leading brands. He also runs a YouTube channel with his wife that has over 86K subscribers. 

He’s also a published author. He released his first book – “Add to Cart!” – on the Indian e-commerce sector in 2015. A book that has gone on to sell 4K+ copies across Europe and India since. He has been published on leading national platforms such as Economic Times and YourStory. While his contributions as a Youth Citizen Journalist saw him being covered as an Opinion Leader by Youth Ki Awaaz.

His desire to push the boundaries between his professional and personal pursuits as someone who loves playing at the intersection of content, art, creativity, and technology remains eternal. “We’re often limited by our thinking. I really want to challenge the status quo, explore, experiment, and create content that truly inspires, motivates, or entertains diverse audiences. The sky really is the limit – in my professional career and parallel content creation avatar. Moving forward, I want to make more music that’s meaningful and resonates with causes I’m deeply passionate about. And, ‘Nakaab Utaro’ is just another step in that direction.”