Naseeb Ullah: A great digital marketing expert in Pakistan


Success is commonly achieved by those that don’t apprehend that failure is inevitable.

If you’re keeping your eyes on what will fail, it’ll fail. Productive folks attempt to maneuver on. They aren’t blind to failure, however, they’re conjointly not stymied by it.

They don’t apprehend what failure is as a result of to them it’s just a bump within the road, not its terminus.

Introduction of CEO NT Media Company

Naseeb Ullah is born on 3 July 1999 in Balochistan He starts trading at the age of 14 years. He works hard on day and night to get more success and one day he becomes a billionaire in a short period.

Naseeb Ullah’s interest in Forex exchange trading began when he was still in high school. Unfortunately, he dropped out of high school and start trading with is the father.

You do business in Balochistan. So how did you start social media marketing on the internet?

In response to the current question, Naseeb Ullah told us that nowadays is that the age of technology. Nearly every business within the world has become an associate e-commerce business.

Nowadays, folks hunt for each business on the net and if this business isn’t found on the net, they think about this business as a fraud. He also told us that social media may be a good way to unfold your business round the world. Naseeb Ullah uses a social media platform to expand his business.

He worked within the social media market and created a great deal of cash.

How long have you been working on the Internet? How many platforms do you use for earning?

Naseeb Ullah said that “when I started my journey on the internet, I used the Facebook platform to work and I created an NT Media page on Facebook for work. After success with Facebook, I started working on Google AdSense, Instagram, and Fiverr.”

He also said that “I have 6 years of experience in social media marketing. I have made money from many platforms on the internet like Google AdSense, Facebook, Instagram, and Fiverr.”

At such a young age, you have become such a big businessman, what do your family think about it?

Naseeb Ullah said that “whatever I am, it is because of the encouragement of my family. They support me in every step of life. Whatever I am today is because of my family and friends”

As a successful social media expert, what would you like to tell people who want to work on the Internet?

Naseeb Ullah said that “I want to tell them that you should thank God, you were born in the most successful era? There is no hard work in this day and age, a person can earn millions of rupees sitting at home. There are several ways you can find them on the Internet. You can also learn how to make money on the internet and then you can make money.”