Nikhil Kumar Jain – The Young Talented Boy


Digital marketing has borrowed a lot of functions from traditional marketing. The industry has grown over $1 billion worldwide in the last six years and is expected to continue its upward trend. Young digital marketers develop fine-tuned strategies for product launch, promotion, brand building, increasing sales, or public relations.

It is interesting to see younger minds coming forward with their out of the box and modern techniques in the digital marketing & overall online world that promises to only raise the name of the industry to newer & greater heights, one such young man of the industry is Nikhil Jain .

Nikhil Kumar Jain Born In 22/May/ 1998 in a small-town namely Nathdwara, Rajasthan. A Small Town Man Who Is 17-years-old Known As a Social Media Expert Or “Social Media King” because of his passion and determination for his work, even made him reach the many luxuries of life.

Nikhil,Has Worked With Many Top Leading Bloggers/Influencers, Artists, Companies globally. His talents of creativity and innovation in digital marketing with his love and passion for his work together has given Nikhil Jain Has 5 Years Experience in Digital Marketing Industry And Also He further adds that he loves trying on new things and learn how to do things completely different from the way others do.

Apart From Digital Marketing Industry Experience He Also Have 5 Years Experience In Gym Field And It Was Very Challenging To Excelling In Differents Fields But Nikhil Has Proved It With His Dedication To His Work And Providing Satisfaction Services That is his recipe for success.

Nikhil agrees with the graceful thought of earning the privilege of six to seven-figure is easy but what counts is the value of the customer. He does not only wish to survive as a leading entrepreneur but also wants to influence people and make them believe that no achievement is harder if you have a strong strive for your goals.

Nikhil Says that all this enormous achievement is only the outcome of his hard work and patience which has taken his brand to a totally next level. We wish him all the best for all his future opportunities and thank him for setting a great example.