Ravi Thakur – A small-town boy making his name in the field of digital marketing


Ravi Thakur was born in the small town of Bihar i.e. Darbhanga. He was one of the brightest and brightest children in his school and from Young age, he is very smart in sports and also in education.

Seeing his father running a Succesful Business, Ravi Decided in his childhood that he will become a businessman, But the most special thing about Ravi’s childhood was that he was showing preference and interest to learn some interesting learning programming or digital marketing instead of playing games on the computer or watching anything entertaining video.

This interest is due to the age at which other children show interest in playing games on the computer. The same Ravi started working in the digital field at the age of 17. By the time Ravi completed his school, Ravi had specialized in digital marketing.
After completing his schooling, Ravi took admission to a local college named QUAZI AHMAD INTER COLLEGE. But his parents were not happy with this. He wanted Ravi to get him into the awarding college. During this time, Ravi made a lot of improvements in his interest in programming and digital marketing.

In college, Ravi used his skills to develop business models. He had become so adept at this thing that he used to make business models for his classmates. This work attracted Ravi Thakur to digital marketing and programming.

Once during college days, Ravi read an article on Google. Then he had a strong desire to start a digital marketing startup. Due to this, Ravi has been working in 2 companies during his graduation, one as a managing director and another one is as a co-founder, Ravi also got a chance to learn a lot which will be very useful for him in the future.

In 2020, Ravi is pursuing his graduation with Lalit Narayan Mithila University (a topmost university in Bihar), and with it, he also started working with M.Tech as a digital marketer. But he says that wherever there is a desire, there is a way out. Ravi was still buried somewhere inside the start-up, now Ravi started making a list according to his interest. It was from here that he came up with the concept of marketing optimization theme. And at this point, he shared his interest with his friends Sujeet Mishra & Keshav Mehta. They Collaborated and founded a digital marketing agency named Kaamchaalu Global LLP

Ravi himself was confident that he could do something better. Due to this, he collected information from many books and the internet.

Today, Kaamchaalu is one of the best Digital marketing agency of Ranchi, Jharkhand. Due to their passion and smart innovation they came this far.

Ravi is operating This Company as Managing Director, Sujeet Kumar is the Founder Of Kaamchaalu & Keshav Mehta runs it as Chief Executive Officer.