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Kily Karter

Kily Karter is an Italian Hip Hop celebrity Born in Pescara, Italy 10th September of 1986, He started to follow rap music around the age of 12 this passion grew thanks to the love of music and musicians He constantly followed as a child.

Growing up in the hood of Italy it was always difficult for him to make a name for himself especially when there was so much competition around and record label signing only established artists.

He started writing music and recorded songs with fellow artist in Josa Gun, he was Kily Karter guide during his musical growth and also accompanied by Deli one of Karter great DJ friend and great producer they did many shows together for several years always with ups and downs in life so it was never a real concentration but just for personal release.

Kily Karter

Kily Karter started as a tattoo artist and at some point of his life he decided to change everything left Italy to join his sister in the Netherlands precisely in Amsterdam and he soon began to open shows for the well known Italian artists such as Gué Pequeno , Clementino , Capo Plaza , Sfera Ebbasta , rotten world in the most renowned music venues in Amsterdam. Look out for his new music and new venture Kily Karter is definitely a hustler and his success will speak for its self.

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