Arnaya brings nature back into urban spaces with state-of-the-art surfaces

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MUMBAI, India, Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — International luxury lifestyle brand and an extension of the Trivedi group, Arnaya, has constantly been pushing past the limitations of stone and reinterpreting modern furnishings that blur the line between function and beauty. The brand presents a portfolio of dimensional surfaces, designed by ace architect Nikita Mehta, that redefine luxury and creative excellence. Arnaya’s Tessera, Sierra and Natura collections are designed for both interior and exterior spaces, and take their cues from the varied artistry in nature.

Arnaya’s Tessera Collection presents a minimalistic approach to stone tiling with a wide range of 2D tiles. With techniques of inlay and mosaic, the tiles can be used as wall and floor tiles alike. Each design is thoughtfully created, so when assembled, artistically enhance contemporary spaces. Its Sierra Collection seeks cues from the mountains and hills, and juxtaposes elevation and altitudes with recesses and cavities, dramatized in 3D tiles. This collection develops a brilliant play of shadow and light is designed to be put together in a way that brings walls to life with its convexity and protuberance. The Natura Collection, inspired by the foliage, florals and flowing streams is a mix of 2D & 3D tile options, and one can choose among floating petals and the rising sun to create falling, walling or both. All collections are meticulously crafted using a range of traditional and contemporary techniques from basic inlay, mosaic and overlay to engraving and carving, all performed with immaculate precision to offer the best in luxury finishes.

Says Manan Trivedi, MD, Arnaya, “Arnaya uses state-of-the-art technology to create revolutionary products that can maintain error-free consistency in large volumes. With materials being sourced from all the over the world, Arnaya is gradually bringing nature back into urban spaces. Our use of all natural stones from across the world and techniques that are rooted in a blend of craftsmanship and technology has enabled us to create surfaces that bring the best of nature into consumers’ homes.”

“While the demand for natural stone has remained consistent, consumers are always on the lookout for novel designs that can lend an air of sophistication and luxury to their spaces. Our collections for Arnaya understand this demand for natural stone surfaces and elevate them through revolutionary technology, design and craftsmanship to create ready to use surfaces that when assembled contrive novel spaces,” says Nikita Mehta.

Arnaya’s technological advancement has also led to an innovative juxtaposition of fragile coloured glass with hard marble surfaces, inlay of Mother of Pearl into artificial quartz, semi-precious stones like amethyst and malachites carved into fine Italian marbles, engendering a paradigm shift in the utilization of stones. The employment of state-of-the-art technology like the Five Axis machine that ingeniously replicates the movement of the human hand, allows Arnaya to offer end to end manufacturing with carving and inlay resulting in exquisite pieces with consistency in volumes.

Stone has always been timeless in its expression. For the first time, its versatility has been manoeuvred in combination with delicate material like glass, mother of pearl, semi-precious stones as inlays and carvings, jalis and trellis work, facade and interior applications.

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ABOUT ARNAYA: The international lifestyle brand is an extension of the Trivedi Group, one of the leading marbles and stone manufacturers ecumenical. With a commercial footprint that elongates over India, Coalesced States of America, Coalesced Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kenya, Mauritius, Vietnam and New Zealand, Arnaya has established itself as a brand par excellence.

ABOUT NIKITA MEHTA: As one of the youngest partner to country’s largest Architectural firm Hafeez Contractor, winner of best architect at Women’s excellence awards Dubai and closer home at Indian Concrete Institute, Nikita is the creative powerhouse behind some of the largest mixed use projects in India. As the lead architect of Jio World Centre, Mumbai she has been spearheading an array of international designers for the new landmark image of Mumbai. With her continued passion and excellence, she brings to Arnaya a bespoke collection of designer tiles and product range, that spell luxury and innovation in stone.

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