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Y.K.O. : A Gem in the American rap industry

Y.K.O aka Jude, a new generation singer and a music producer is winning the heart of his fans. His music releases touch the heart of every rap music lover across the world. Since his childhood, Y.K.O was so much passionate about music and…


Bub Cheeze’s pain behind the fame

Bub Cheeze is a new-age singer and musician booming in the rap industry. He proved his talent and music skill in the music industry. He released his first album and touched the heart of music fans. Bubcheeze also shares his plans that he…

Bluu J King, An American Actor, Model & Dancer

Bluu J King (Jujaun Devon Walker) (born June 23rd 1995) known professionally as an American Actor, Model, Dancer, and Content Creator. Bluu J started his career in 2018 with the help of Andre Jackson (CEO of Kamdre Entertainment). He is


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