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Dhanush Babu, winner of 18 gold medals in skating

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INDIA’S FASTEST SKATER, Mr. Dhanush Babu has been Skating for the past 21 years under his Coach/Father Mr. Balaji Babu.

As of 2019, He has won 18 Gold Medals,
10 Silver Medals and 6 Bronze Medals in the National Speed Skating Championships.

He has also been awarded the National Champion Trophy 6 times and also has created numerous National Records during his Speed Skating Career.

He is the Fastest Speed Skater in INDIA as of today in the 100m Dash Sprint event with the timing of 10.13sec. In the recently concluded WORLD ROLLER GAMES 2019 Dhanush Babu has achieved which no other Indian has done till now by finishing 5th place in the 500+D Track Sprint event, becoming the First Indian to do so.

Dhanush Babu has won 2 Bronze Medals in the TRACK & ROAD RELAY at the 17 ASIAN ROLLER SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 held at China and 1 Bronze Medal in the TRACK RELAY held at KOREA in the 18th ASIAN ROLLER SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP.

He has represented INDIA 11 times. Dhanush is currently training for his upcoming 2020 Season where he will Represent INDIA in the 2020 World Championships in July to be held at Cartagena,
Colombia and the 19th Asian Roller Skating Championships in September to be held at Beidaihe, China.



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