Interview with “Baba Muntaha” Athlete & Social Activist


Muntaha when you started playing sports?

I started playing martial arts from 6th standard, I was very passionate towards martial arts, it’s very tough sport but with proper training and right couching it’s possible to learn martial arts. I played professional in 7th standard, Nationals five times, in Jammu & Kashmir I played my ist national, then in Goa, Haryana and two times in Delhi.

How supportive your parents are?

Born in conservative family it was not easy to convince them, ist they did not allow me for sports then they got motivated when I actually won gold after gold and they realised she can’t gave up and actually she is doing so they allow me to go for sports, but there are girls in vally and all over the India where there parents don’t allow them for sports activities, because of less knowledge about sports, but things are improving day by day.

What was Your feeling when your Representing J&K in Nationals?

I was feeling very nice ‘That was Next level’ it’s kind of different feeling, when I won gold medal I called my mother and my mom said you won? I said yes mom I won gold medal and that time I felt very proud, after all this I had achieve something.

How important is self defense for Girls?

It’s very important for every girl to know the self defense techniques, As you know Growing case’s of Rapes, physical assault on women’s and harassment etc, I think rather than complaining they should stand against them and fight, it will help them more than doing complains.

Why you entered in social activism?

I got inspired during nationals, I saw lots of players are doing charity as well as playing the I thought I have to join them and learn from them, then I joined them and I learned how they are doing this social work that time I was studying in 12th standard.

What you have done for people During Pandemic?

During pandemic, I actually work A lot , I distubute hand sanitizers, masks I done charity, I done events, I host event in anantnag with “Kashmir Foundation”.

Are you running your NGO individually or You have team?

Yes I am running my NGO individually, I believe in if you want to do right thing for Nobel cause then you don’t need teams it can be done individually, I remember I done my first charity in my college days, I go each an every class room for collection of money, all them money I was collecting for a cancer patient. Then I realise you really want to help someone you don’t need a team you can do it individually.

Your thoughts about rising cases of drug addiction in Kashmir?

I don’t say they are drug addicts, actually someone put them in it to do this some evils of the society and may be some of them loose there self control and they thought they have no option left expect doing Drugs, I don’t durg Awareness campaign in Gandhi memorial college, I believe if counseling being provided to them they can rehabilitate from this drug addiction.

What is your message to youth?

My message to youth is very clear don’t hide your Talent come forward and follow your passion and do good have good.

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