Nitu Ghanghas: From Village Life to National Recognition


Nitu Ghanghas is a name that has been making headlines in India and the boxing world. She is a young boxer who has achieved a lot in a short span of time. Her hard work and dedication have paid off as she has won several medals at various national and international competitions.

Early Life and Struggles

Nitu Ghanghas was born in the village of Dhanana in Haryana’s Bhiwani district. Her father, Jai Bhagwan, was an employee at the Haryana Rajya Sabha in Chandigarh. He introduced Nitu to boxing when she was 12 years old to help her channel her energy in a constructive way. However, it wasn’t until her father took a three-year-long unpaid leave from his job to help Nitu realize her dreams of becoming a boxer that she started to make progress. During this time, Nitu’s father took care of her training, diet, and other expenses. She also trained under renowned coach Jagdish Singh at the Bhiwani Boxing Club, which was founded by him.

Career Highlights

Nitu Ghanghas has won several medals in national and international competitions. In 2017, she won gold medals at the Balkan Youth International Boxing Championship and the Women’s Youth World Boxing Championship. She continued her winning streak in 2018, winning gold at the Asian Youth Championship, the Golden Glove of Vojvodina Youth Men & Women Boxing Tournament, and the Youth Women World Championships.

Her biggest achievement came in 2022 when she won gold at the XXII Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in the minimumweight category. She defeated Demie-Jade Resztan of England by 5-0 to clinch the gold medal. Nitu continued her winning streak and won another gold medal at the Strandja Memorial Boxing Tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the same year.

In March 2023, Nitu Ghanghas made history by becoming the only sixth Indian boxer (male or female) to win a world championship after defeating Lutsaikhany Altantsetseg of Mongolia by 5-0 at the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships held in New Delhi. She won the gold medal in the minimumweight category and became a world champion at the young age of 22.

Future Prospects

Nitu Ghanghas has become a role model for many young girls in India who aspire to become boxers. She has shown that with hard work and dedication, one can achieve their dreams. She has also inspired many parents to support their children’s dreams and aspirations.

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