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Vikram Kumar Sonkar is a brilliant wrestling coach, as well as a brilliant choice of simplicity.


Vikram Kumar Sonkar is the director of Guru Pramnath Akhada and a brilliant coach, as well as a brilliant choice of simplicity. He is the son of India’s premier wrestler Mr. Premnath (Arjuna Awardee, Olympian). Vikram gave up his government job to manage his Akhada smoothly. Because Mr. Vikram Kumar’s father Premnath wished that Akhada should be manage by his son after him. To fulfill his wish, Vikram Kumar left the job and chose the path of wrestling,

The result of the hard work of Vikram Kumar is that the children of this arena are winning medals on National and International levels. The progress of this arena, Unnati Rathore is also on its way to becoming a big wrestler of the future. Divya Kakran of this akhada has proved herself many times.

Famous wrestler Divya Kakran with coach Vikram Kumar Sonkar

And by winning many awards and medals, the name of Akhada has been illuminated. Many players associated with this arena are also going towards great success. The hard work of Mr. Vikram Kumar, the coach behind all this, cannot be ignored.

When Mr. Vikram Kumar was asked, “Why did you left your job?”, then Mr. Vikram Kumar said that the fulfillment of the father’s wish cannot lead to a big job ambition. This thing makes Coach different than others. Walking on the path described by his father, Mr. Vikram Kumar has carved a distinct identity for himself.

Even today, Guru Premnath Akhada lacks many facilities. Government of Delhi / Central Government should take cognizance on this subject. So that the Akhada can move fast. Leaders have to understand that by holding the speech, you can get the boat by holding the speech, not a medal.

If the government is able to do something for Guru Premnath Akhada, then it will be a true tribute to Guru Premnath.

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