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What is SEO, and why it’s important for your website?

Chapter 1: What is SEO, and why it’s important?

If you already have good knowledge of SEO then you can skip to Chapter-2. In this chapter you will be able to learn basic information of SEO which will boost your confidence.

What is SEO?

SEO’s full form is “Search Engine Optimization” which is a technique to increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. With this, you can get “non-paid” (non-publicized) search engine results, also known as “organic results”.

Through SEO, we understand what people are searching for online or what answers they are looking for. Which keywords are they using to find and what kind of content are they consuming more.

Knowing the answers to all these questions makes it very easy for an SEO expert to reach all the people who are searching online for the products or services we offer. And that’s how we pull them to our website. Then today or tomorrow they become our customers.

Reading the mind and need of the audience is one aspect of the coin whereas how you can reach them through search engine is another aspect of that coin. In this guide, both of you will be able to learn about technology.

Search engine basics

A search engine is a kind of answering machine that extracts even the smallest information you have discovered out of millions of information. It takes several times less time to do so much work.

The search engine does all this by reading, searching and sorting the content, videos, PDF files available on the net, this process is called crawling & indexing which you will read in Chapter-2.

Which search results are “organic”?

We can achieve organic search result by improving SEO of our website without spending money on advertising. While paid search results have to be obtained by purchasing through advertising.

In the current search-engine result page, called SERP, we are shown both organic results and paid results. These include featured snippets, answer boxes, image carousels. In the SERP, user-discovered information is shown. In which a link to different website is given.

For example, if you search for “weather of Delhi”, you will see the weather forecast of Delhi directly in the search page, you will not have to go to the website which has all that information available. This makes Google search results easier. And provides accurate information in a short time. Because Google has become smarter than ever.

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It is also worth remembering that through search advertising, search engines also earn money. He shows the links of companies, webpage at the top on his search result page. Its purpose is to fulfill the needs of the searcher so that searchers use the search engine every time.

Some SERP features on Google are organic, that is, we can achieve them by influencing them through SEO. Including featured snippets (showing the answer inside the box) and related questions (eg “people are also searching”)

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There are many more features in SERP that are not paid advertising. And which can not be affected even through SEO, in fact Google picks up such features from some big data portals like Wikipedia, IMDB, Amazon etc. The Knowledge Panel is an example of this.

Why SEO is important

Paid advertising, social media and other online platforms can increase traffic to your website. All this traffic is controlled by Google.

Organic search result is very beneficial and it also gets more traffic than paid advertising. For example, in the US, only 2.8% click on paid advertising.

If you implement SEO properly on your website, then it sends continuous traffic to your website for a long time, for this it is important that your content must be good which should be able to rank for a particular keyword. Whereas in advertising, you have to spend money continuously to send traffic to the website. Fund raising is difficult for new businesses.

Search engines are getting smarter than before, but still they need humans, humans do SEO Implementation on the website only when the search engine uses it to show results on the search-engine page.

By optimizing the website, the search engine gets better information only then it is able to index your content very well and include it in the search result.

Should I hire an SEO professional, consultant, or agency?

You can implement some basic SEO by yourself or you can also take help of an expert. It depends on how big your website is, how much content, or how much you are inclined to learn.

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When you get SEO expert then you need to know that many agencies provide “SEO service” but their quality varies, when you know “how to choose a good SEO company” then you can do a lot of your Can save time and money. A wrong SEO agency can do more harm than good to your website.

White hat vs black hat SEO

There are two types of SEO techniques that SEO agencies use to improve website ranking.

White hat SEO” refers to SEO techniques, best practice and strategies that are compatible with search engines and are given more importance as they are preferred by search engines.

Black Hat SEO” refers to the strategies and techniques used to fool search engines, which is why search engines refuse to use them. This technique is beneficial but it is very risky to use it. Search engines de-index (remove from search results page) to penalize websites using such technology.

Once a website is penalized, your business may suffer a lot of damage, so this is one of the reasons that one should be very careful while choosing SEO experts.

Search engines share similar goals with the SEO industry

Search engines want to see you succeed, Google provides online SEO Basic Guide for this, apart from this, various SEO community conferences are organized. Which Google also supports.

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Google helps webmaster and SEO experts through its Webmaster Central Help Forum.

Search engines also have some rules which are important for all webmaster to keep in mind. There is no trickery with search engines, instead you must try to give the highest online experience to your visitors. For this, you must follow the search engine guidelines.

Google Webmaster Guidelines

  • Basic principles:
  • Make the webpage readable by humans and not for the search engines to read.
  • Do not cheat users.
  • Avoid doing any kind of trick to get ranking in search engine. If we talk about the right rules, then “Can you expand on Google employee what you have done in your website? You can also test by asking yourself whether it will be useful for my users? Will it work even when the search engine does not exist?
  • Think about what makes your website unique.
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Things to avoid:

  • Automatic Translated Content
  • Promoting links instead of links.
  • Keeping less content on the page or copying content from another website.
  • Cloaking – showing search engines different types of content from users
  • Keep hidden content and links
  • Doorway pages – displaying the same content on different pages to get a ranking on a particular keyword. Like the title of the page written “Plumber in Delhi”, I should show the same content in another page as well, this time I should write the title of “Plumber in Punjab” but the content is same in both pages.

Fulfilling user intent

Trying to fool Google by trying various tricks to get a good ranking is useless, instead you focus on understanding and fulfilling the “user intent” of people.
When someone is searching for something on the Internet, there is a desired result in their mind, it can be an answer, a photo of ice cream, or a biography of a great person on Wikipedia it can be called “User Intent ” it is said.

When a person searches for a band, at that time, his intent may be to find a musical band, a wedding band or something else.

As an SEO expert, your job is to provide the desired content in front of the user in his preferred format.

Common user intent types:

Informative: When looking for information, for example “Which laptop is suitable for photography?”

Directive: When someone searches for a specific website. Like: “Apple”

Transactional: to buy something. Such as: “What’s on offer on MacBook Pro?”

You can get an idea of ​​user intent by searching the desired keywords on Google.

You can also see the content of your top competitors which you are not providing. You have to provide content of many times more value than them. Google puts the same content on the top ranking which is more valuable.

Providing reliant, high quality content on your website makes it very easy for you to get high ranking in search results, the most important thing is that it gives more strength to your brand on the internet.

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Before doing anything, you have to understand the purpose of your website, only then you can prepare a strategic SEO plan.

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