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DJ and Producer Eran Hersh

Eran Hersh is world-renowned DJ and producer who has been in the music industry for over 20 years. This summer he headlined a European tour, selling out shows in Paris, Tel Aviv, Kiev and more. When he isn’t overseas, he hosts a

Lil Capo Trill’s Breakthrough

Lil Capo Trill was born in The Dominican Republic, and raised in the Washington heights neighbourhood in New York City. it was here that he began rapping at the age of 15, and soon became well known by his street name of “Capo” He has

Kash Mania youngest rapper trending

Kash Mania an American rapper, has just released a new song called outside Mo3 remix. He deserves lots of respect and honor for having the courage to make a song speaking about the violence and letting people know that they need to

KH1 Rapper Music Takeover with “Land of Unjust”

New Jersey native Mekhi Hayes is also known as Kh1, a young Hip Hop artist, striving to deliver effective messages to his audience including but not limited to: love, pain, and social issues. The clever and intelligent rhyme schemes


Y.K.O. : A Gem in the American rap industry

Y.K.O aka Jude, a new generation singer and a music producer is winning the heart of his fans. His music releases touch the heart of every rap music lover across the world. Since his childhood, Y.K.O was so much passionate about music and…

Bub Cheeze’s pain behind the fame

Bub Cheeze is a new-age singer and musician booming in the rap industry. He proved his talent and music skill in the music industry. He released his first album and touched the heart of music fans. Bubcheeze also shares his plans that he…

An Exclusive Interview of Obi Andre Rapper

As an artist Obi Andre likes to bounce around sounds a lot, he shared some lesser known things with FAMEPublish during an interview. I have a strong appreciation for a wide array of genres but growing up with 2 parents who were both


“Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness,” Says YungGlitzyBoy

In a recent interview with Fame Publish, YungGlitzyBoy has explained how his dream was always to have money and fame and lots of expensive jewelry. Now that he has all of that he still explains how depression has not left his side yet.

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