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Angry at Officer’s attitude, Snake charmer left dozens of snakes in office

Basti: In Basti district of Uttar Pradesh, a peculiar incident has come to light in which a snake charmer was being relaxed to give land, then angry snake charmer took a different route to break the sleep of the officers.

Actually it happened that the snake charmer named Hakkul, who lives in Piprola in Duboulia, works for the protection of snakes for which he needed land, so he applied to the President.

The President accepted his application and also issued an order to give him land on lease but his file was suppressed due to corrupt bureaucracy. Rejected by this, Hakkul filled dozens of snakes in sacks and left them in the district office.

Due to which there was chaos all around. According to the information given by the sources, a snake named Hakkul, a resident of Pipraula village in Duboulia region, left about a dozen snakes in the tehsil office building yesterday, angry at the hearing of the application for leasing of land for the protection of snakes.

He said that seeing the snakes crawling in the building, the officers, employees and common people present there started running around and a strange situation arose. Later those snakes were removed from there with great difficulty. Meanwhile, the activist Sapere Haqkul said that he also performs snake protection work and for this work he wrote a letter to the President to get the land leased to him.

He said that the government had last year issued orders to the district administration to give him land on lease but due to non-receipt of bribe, Lekhpal and some other tehsil office were sitting on the application for land allotment.

Angered by this, he left snakes in the tehsil building. Here, Deputy District Magistrate Ranvijay Singh said that the incident has been taken into consideration and Hakkul will soon be given a land lease. Neither has been confirmed to be injured in this incident and what action will be taken against those officers has also not been clear.

Sunil Butoliahttp://sunilbutolia.com
Founder & Editor-In-Chief of FAME Publish Sunil Butolia, is an Indian digital marketer, businessman, activist and philanthropist. Sunil is also the host of the FAME Podcast where he interviews the most successful business owners, leaders and change makers in the world.

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