Why Some Talented Individuals Shy Away from Pursuing Acting – Tanveer Ahmed’s Insights


In our midst, there are individuals with an innate talent for acting, a gift that often goes unnoticed. If you were to delve into their hearts, you’d discover that they, too, recognize this talent. When they watch a movie or television show, they can swiftly discern subpar acting, knowing deep down that they could do better. So, what keeps these latent talents from pursuing a path in acting?

Tanveer Ahmed, the Founder and Coach at Creative Bites Academy, a renowned film and acting training institute in the UAE, shines a light on these undiscovered talents that never step into the limelight, and the unfortunate reality is that they never even try.

As Tanveer points out, to embark on an acting journey, whether it’s a professional pursuit or a role in local stage productions, you need more than just acting skills. You must also possess the persona of an actor.

While everyone comprehends the significance of acting skills, many are naturally gifted but require further refinement. What often goes unnoticed is the necessity of possessing the persona of an actor. What exactly does this entail? An actor’s persona comprises those distinct personality traits that enable them to pursue acting relentlessly and be on screen or stage. It encompasses the ability to express without the fear of judgment, complete self-acceptance, a strong will to act, proactive pursuit of opportunities, and absence of worry as to what people will say.

There are individuals with modest acting talent who possess the personality traits of an actor. With a little encouragement, they are motivated to pursue acting as a career, eventually gracing theaters, screens, and movies. Conversely, there are those with immense inherent acting talent, but they lack the essential traits of an actor’s personality. Despite their exceptional talent, they often refrain from pursuing acting or learning the craft due to the fear of judgment from friends, family, colleagues, or social media connections.

“If you believe you can act better than the individuals on your television screen or in movies, chances are you possess the innate talent for acting but lack the personality traits of an actor,” suggests Tanveer.

At Creative Bites Academy, one of our primary objectives is to nurture this personality. I make it clear to my students from day one that we must work on two fronts: mastering the art of acting and concurrently cultivating the personality of an actor. We strive to develop those attributes that empower individuals to fearlessly explore their talents to the fullest.

Many of my students, initially shy and hesitant, were unable to introduce themselves to the group on their first day of class. Today, a significant number of them have transitioned into ads, television, feature films, and even secured roles in Netflix projects.

The concept is simple—innate talent needs refinement through specific techniques, while character traits must be honed to encourage self-acceptance and the audacity to pursue one’s true calling without reservation.

Life is a precious gift, bestowed upon us just once. If you possess a unique talent, it’s your duty to nurture it to its fullest potential. Don’t let shyness, fear of judgment, or a fragile sense of self hold your untapped talents hostage, never to see the light of day.

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