Meet Amey Bhagwan Chougale, Backbone of Celebrities


The world has changed, and we are becoming more digital, strategies of marketing for individuals and companies have changed in the past decade or so even in India. To market into today’s time, you need good strategist and expert, which can take your popularity to a different level.

Many young talents across the globe are making their name in digital world and India is also not far from that. As we are talking about experts of today’s time the first name comes in this list is “Amey Bhagwan Chougale” a very renowned young entrepreneur who is making individuals into a celebs and small companies into a brand with his work and skill.

People like Amey Chougale are the force behind top stars, he knows how to handle everything, events, digital promotion & celebrity management experts like Amey Chougale who are the real heroes behind mainframe actor and actresses. He is an all-rounder who has and working with many famous stars and handling their social media work under his company Dyscovery Entertainment.

In an interview with FamePublish Amey that he has worked for many reputed celebrities from bollywood, his work includes work like handling clients for events and social media activities, increase their reach to more fans across the globe, their verification process on top social media platform which can help his clients get more work due to verified accounts and boost fan followings with organic followers.

As Amey was gaining success with his work, he decided to start his own company called Dyscovery entertainment, which is located in Mumbai, maharashtra. Amey is all set to launch yet another branch this time in Belgaum, Amey is growing at rapid speed and why not when you have the talent you deserve every bit of success and fame in life.

Amey worked with many popular fames from Bollywood & all his social media promotion is done by dyscovery entertainment, Amey Chougale’s company. A “pro” of this field and well-known personality in terms of events, digital promotion & celebrity management

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