Following his passions and inspiring others to do the same- Toño Méndez


Born and brought up in Tampico, Tamaulipas on 8th December 1976, Toño Méndez is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and chefs that has existed till date.

his qualities are beyond comparison, and his love for food is portrayed by his work itself. Growing up, he greatly looked up to his parents and wanted to follow their path, as generally kids do. Since both of them happened to be lawyers, he too developed an interest and studied law, wanting to follow the inheritance and interest he had acquired from them. He went forward to study gastronomy in Europe next, which relates to the study of culture and food, with the main focus on gourmet cuisine. He was only back by his love for food, and we bet that it’s more than enough for a person to choose to be a chef!

Chef Mendez’s talent finally got much-deserved recognition after his close friend uploaded his cooking video online. Countless people viewed and left positive feedback on the video. In fact, it was so good that the view count crossed a million. This is how he became a star at the beginning itself. He is so passionate about his craft; he has always made sure to put in all his efforts. Definitely now all his efforts are giving him sweet results, he has become the most loved online Chef for a reason right.

Toño loves and enjoys preparing different cuisines but Mexican recipes have a special corner in his heart. Toño Méndez’s area of specialisation though is Mediterranean cuisine. Pita, hummus, olive oil are the absolute mood lifters and will get any Mediterranean cuisine enthusiast drooling. All these are widely and generously used by chef Toño Méndez in his delicious cuisines, and we bet you’d become quite addicted to the food he generally makes.

He is pretty popular among teenagers, that goes unsaid because they are the ones who are most interested in the present form of Internet and real-life humour come up packed up with sarcasm, jokes and bold some content. One wonders whether a chef is truly present in front of them and not across the screen, provided the entire process and the way it is captured while he makes a dish. You can watch for yourself the number of positive feedbacks that he has received on all of his videos over YouTube.
There is a lot more to know about Toño Méndez.

You must connect with him on all social media platforms and get glimpses of his enthralling life alongside learning delicious new recipes every day.

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