Kartiki Gonsalves Shares Joyous Moment with Elephant Whisperer’s Couple and Oscar Trophy for “Bomman and Bellie”


Kartiki Gonsalves, the wildlife filmmaker behind the acclaimed documentary “The Elephant Whisperer’s Bomman and Bellie,” recently shared a heartwarming moment with the couple who inspired the film and the Oscar trophy they received for it. In a post on social media, Gonsalves shared a photo of herself with the couple and the coveted trophy, captioned with gratitude and excitement.

The documentary “The Elephant Whisperer’s Bomman and Bellie” tells the story of two elephants who were rescued from a life of captivity and abuse in India and brought to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center. The film captures the heartwarming journey of the elephants, who were rehabilitated and given a new lease on life in a safe and nurturing environment.

The documentary has received widespread critical acclaim and has been recognized by numerous international film festivals. The nomination for the Oscar trophy is a significant milestone for Gonsalves, who has dedicated her career to raising awareness about the plight of endangered animals.

In her social media post, Gonsalves expressed her gratitude to the couple who inspired the film, calling them “the real heroes of the story.” She also thanked the Oscar committee for recognizing the importance of the film and for shining a light on the urgent need for wildlife conservation.

Gonsalves’ documentary is a testament to the power of storytelling in raising awareness about important issues. By sharing the story of Bomman and Bellie, Gonsalves has highlighted the plight of captive elephants in India and has inspired audiences around the world to take action to protect these magnificent creatures.

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