Meet Poorvi Patel: Social Media Entrepreneur & fashion blogger


Poorvi Patel a certified Fashion Designer and owner of a fashion workshop since the last six years. She thought of sharing her Fashion sense on a platform with a broader audience & as Social Media trends were blooming, it served as the very fine suited platform for her work.

Apart from this, the thought of starting a social media blog struck her mind, the day when she realized that a lot of girls/women think that Fashion is all about showing skin. Whereas it actually should be the feeling of comfort in your own skin no matter what you wear.

She has a great Fashion sense , when she was asked about her current fashion obsession , she generously replied, “Co-ords are my current and forever to go kind of obsessions. Over sized shirts paired with Gold jewelry is one too”.

People would not believe the fact that she worked as a model initially during her teenage years . Last year she was offered a modelling assignment by a very big Fashion house, unfortunately things didn’t work out well .
The one quote she quoted “Don’t change to fit the fashion, Change the fashion to fit you“. She haven’t been a blind follower of fashion.

She has always worn what she thought looks good on her, Have taken risks, as she always wanted to be spotted amongst the crowd and not be the crowd.

Being into the fashion world for more than 6 yrs. (as a fashion designer) she has managed to create looks which not just look good for a certain period of time but are evergreen classics.

When she was asked, about seeing herself in the next 2-4 yrs., She said, she always wanted to represent India globally through the medium of Fashion.

She thinks that the diversity that India has in terms of cultures , artisans , traditions or Fashion is still underrated.

Also she want to be known as a renowned Influencer in India, & To be able to share my experience and journey with the audiences whom I can really inspire and motivate.
Her views on the current pandemic situation , she said , “ Covid has affected the whole economy.

A large number of people have lost their jobs, companies have shut down, travelling is non operational . Companies aren’t able to make profits, in fact they are not able to meet their overhead expenses leaving them under huge debts and losses.

The pandemic was not anticipated by anyone and nobody was prepared for it in advance. It has basically affected the whole cycle of opportunities or growth and to be very honest we have gone a year back”.

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