Providing Infotainment This Lockdown : Sachin Vashist & Reecha Sinha to go on boards in ‘Zoo’


Struggling with the monotonous lockdown, people have become involved in the OTT medium as there is a lot of content which is being created for people to watch.

The release of Infotainment Web series is all set under this lockdown, which is a marvellous initiative of Dropout Media. Dropout Media has been working in the Hip Hop music industry since many years, and its main objective is Film Making.

The media company has created and launched the trailer of its infotainment web series in this period of Corona itself. The series will be presented on other OTT platforms like Hungama Play, MX Player, and Vodafone Play. The project will also be released as a podcast which will be launched on radio, Spotify, Jio Sawan and other music applications. It has also got the full support of Northern Lights Entertainment Company.

 According to the sources the Phonic Infotainment Series has been named as Zoo. Ironically, in this on-going phase of Corona, the animals of the world which used to be surrounded by iron cages in the zoo are now free to roam, but the human beings are forced to stay at home as per rules laid down for quarantine. And hence it is correctly named as Zoo.

As told by Dropout Media, this series portrays the real life shits happening around the world with every individual. This series has been completely dedicated to our frontlines and is an attempt to bring positivity and awareness to the people. The first season has five episodes and will narrate multiple stories related to people being quarantined.

Each episode features a different scene, along with versatile actors. The series is based on drama, romance, comedy and social messages. In this series you will get to see together the two most sensational heart throbs of youth Sachin Vashist and Reecha Sinha along with other well-known faces in the industry who have come forward to support this initiative.

The official trailer of the series which was launched recently on Instagram already created a buzz among youngsters. They are fascinated to see the sharp and witty Sachin trying to flirt with the managing director of Filmy Keeda Productions, Reecha. The Dongari Ka Raaja fame Reecha Sinha has come on board for the series and shot the episode staying home. And the face of top-most brands’ commercials and youth sensation Sachin Vashist is going to be paired with her and now their fans would be able to see their sparkling chemistry keeping in mind social distancing.

In this series, many thought provoking messages have been conveyed to audience so that they can learn something out of it. This series is made without violating the Stay Home policy and is totally completed staying indoors.

 The team believes that this series is not meant to earn monetary gains; rather it is made to make the people aware of the things happening around. The amount collected from this initiative will be contributed and will also be donated to those in need, the Corona patients.

The team of Dropout Media have spent entire two months of hard work in making the series a must watch. Now it is our duty to pay sincere gratitude to the efforts of the team by watching the series and spreading love for it all over. Moreover, we can learn something out of it and implement it in our lives.

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