Surbhi Singhal – One of the best Makeup artist in Delhi – NCR


Natural Beauty is like a flower but adding onto the touch of makeup makes it a garland of roses for females. Surbhi, begins her hand with the beauty of the houses i.e. Interior designing for 5 years.

But she has a thrill to re-invent the faces. She started her career as a makeup artist on 2014 after pursuing her internship program from Aashmin Munjal Star Academy. She is being growing adding beautiful clients into her client list like Minakshi Dutt and gohar khan and the list continues…

A 38 year old women empowerment handling her profession with 19 yr daughter and 18 years son with excellence and full responsibility is a perfect example of women empowerment and true inspiration in today’s era.

Currently she is also running a academy and have reached more than 2000 students on PAN India basis. Not only this, she is women of pure heart, she also provides the free education to the needy ones who can’t afford her classes.

If you wanna get touch up your face, get into touch with her. She provides her freelancing services on PAN India basis.

Contact with her on instagram :- @makeupstoriesbysurbhi

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