Interview With Mumbai Based Model Shivali Choudhary Who Hails From Jammu, India


Shivali Choudhary is an Indian Actress & Model best known for her work in Kumkum Bhagya.

Shivali Choudhary is an Indian Model and Actress, Based in Mumbai. She Has Done many Characters, But the Shiana – Kumkum Bhagya Character is her Career Turning Point.

There are some of the selective questions being asked by KC Media to Shivali Choudhary in An exclusive Interview :-

1 . Can you tell our readers about yourself ?

I’m Shivali Choudhary. I am from Jammu basically but now staying in Mumbai from the past 2 years. I have done many characters in serials and web series but the most important track of mine was in Kumkum Bhagya as Shiana and I did it for one year.

2. How You started Your Acting Journey?

As I am from a small city .. it was tuff to come all the way from Jammu to Mumbai. So I shifted to Delhi first, worked there for quite some time, and earned some money after that I finally decided to move to the city of dreams- Mumbai in 2018. And then started exploring and giving auditions and rest all happened with the flow.

3. Can You Describe some persons who always supported you ?

Honestly, I was all alone when I shifted to Mumbai, nobody was there for me and my family was totally against it, but with the grace of God. I got some good people here who helped me to understand these things and helped me with genuine auditions and work.

4. Share a Tips for Newcomers Who wants To Join Industry

I just want to say one thing i.e. stay focused, you should be mentally prepared for this and you have to be strong, don’t lose hope as the good things take time but if you work hard you will definitely gonna achieve the goal. JUST BECOME WORTHY.

5. What Makes Your Mind Refresh when You need ?

The best refreshment for me to spend some time alone doing some good activity in which I feel happy and the best activity I love to do is dance. It completely refreshes my mind.

6. Share an Interesting Fact about You?

I am Pure Vegetarian , love North Indian food specially the punjabi food or you can say that i am a big foodie. But i hate cooking.

Thank you so much for joining us. This was very interesting!
You can follow her on Instagram @shivalichoudharyofficial and can stay connected with her.

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