Yogi Adityanath: Indian Monk turned Politician with Controversial Views and Policies


Yogi Adityanath is an Indian politician and monk who currently serves as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India. He was born on June 5, 1972, in the village of Panchur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Adityanath was originally named Ajay Singh Bisht, but he changed his name when he became a monk in the Nath tradition of Hinduism. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University in Uttarakhand.

Adityanath joined politics in 1996, and he was first elected to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 1998. He has been re-elected to the assembly in every subsequent election since then. Adityanath is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is currently in power at the national level in India.

As a politician, Adityanath is known for his strong Hindu nationalist views. He has been a vocal advocate for the construction of a temple in Ayodhya at the site where the Babri Masjid mosque once stood. The mosque was demolished by Hindu activists in 1992, and the site has been a source of controversy and violence in India for decades.

Adityanath has also been criticized for his comments about Muslims and other minority groups in India. He has been accused of making inflammatory statements that have contributed to communal tensions and violence.

Since becoming Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017, Adityanath has implemented a number of controversial policies. These include a crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses and a “anti-Romeo” squad that targets young couples in public spaces. Adityanath has also faced criticism for his handling of incidents of violence against Muslims in the state.

Despite his controversial reputation, Adityanath remains a popular figure in Uttar Pradesh and among many Hindu nationalists in India. His supporters see him as a strong leader who is willing to take tough measures to protect Hindu interests and promote Hindu values in India.

“Yogi Adityanath: Indian Monk turned Politician with Controversial Views and Policies”

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