Savitha Sastry’s Upcoming Dance Film: “The Ghost of the Lighthouse”


Renowned danseuse Savitha Sastry and acclaimed director AK Srikanth are set to unveil their latest cinematic creation, “The Ghost of the Lighthouse,” marking their third dance film of the year. This short film provides an intimate glimpse into the life of a small-town tourist guide and her pursuit of happiness, a universal question that resonates with everyone.

Conceptualized by Savitha Sastry and brought to life under the skilled direction of AK Srikanth, this film marks the eleventh production from their collaborative production house, aligning perfectly with its eleventh-year anniversary. Joining the cast is Jamie Alter, son of the legendary actor Tom Alter, in a significant role. The film is scheduled for release on October 28th, 2023, on an OTT platform.

“The Ghost of the Lighthouse” is a heartwarming portrayal of the lives of everyday individuals in small towns, featuring characters we encounter in our daily lives. It sheds light on the lives of seemingly inconspicuous individuals like the persistent sales caller, the tourist guides, and the bazaar vendors, inviting viewers to look beyond the initial judgments we make. The film employs stunning visuals and a deeply moving narrative to convey its poignant message.

Savitha Sastry, an acclaimed Bharathanatyam dancer, considers her role in this film to be the most intricately crafted character she has ever portrayed. Through her character, she delves into the hopes, ambitions, and dreams of ordinary people, offering a genuine and touching experience.

Director and writer AK Srikanth aimed to create a film with the same gentle impact as a sea breeze at dawn when there is no one around. Collaborating with a talented team including Savitha, Jamie, and Abhay, who contributed music, the result is an experience that can only be described as sublime.

Deviating from their typical hard-hitting style, the husband-wife duo of Savitha and Srikanth have crafted a film that is subtle, darkly humorous, and wistful all at once. Despite its title, “The Ghost of the Lighthouse” is not a horror film; instead, it symbolizes the multitude of memories that we carry throughout our lives. Through well-developed characters, the film explores the age-old question of “Where do I find joy” in a manner that sets it apart from other short films.

Jamie Alter, thrilled to be part of the project, acknowledges that from script to visual execution, Srikanth’s vision for the film was precise and compelling.

In the end, “The Ghost of the Lighthouse” promises to be a heartfelt tribute to ordinary people, their dreams, and their aspirations. It is a poignant reflection on life’s pursuit of happiness, set against the backdrop of relatable, everyday characters. You can follow the creators on Instagram at and on YouTube at

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