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Gopal rejects NASA’s offer thrice; Say- I will do research for India

  • Decided to help 100 children of the country every year, started this work from 2019
  • Gopal received the Inspired Award for the invention of Banana Bio Cell in 2013-14

The 19-year-old Scientist Gopal, who lives in Dhruvganj village in Bhagalpur, Bihar, has turned down NASA’s offer 3 times. US President Donald Trump also invited him, but he did not budge. It is said that serving the country is my goal.

He has decided to help 100 children of the country every year. He started this work in 2019. He also got a provisional patent for the invention of 8 children. Currently, Gopal Dehradun is testing in the lab of the Government Graphic Era Institute. He will do lab in Jharkhand and do research there.

Gopal studied from Model High School Tulsipur to 12th standard. He received the Inspired Award for the invention of Banana Bio Cell in 2013-14. Was in tenth then. His village was flooded in 2008. Everything was ruined. Farmer father Premaranjan Kunwar said that I will not be able to teach after tenth.

Gopal did not give up. They thought, do something that will give scholarship. On 31 August 2017, Gopal met PM Modi. The PM sent him to NIF, Ahmedabad. He made 6 inventions here. He is now named among the 30 Startup Scientists in the world. The world’s largest science fair is going to be held in Abu Dhabi in April. It will include 6 thousand scientists. Gopal will be the chief speaker in it.

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Gopal’s unique experiments; Made hair dye from electric and banana liquid using waste paper

  • Bio Cell – Electricity from waste paper.
  • Goponium Alloy – It does not change its appearance on any heat. Many elements were used in it. It can also be used on the sun.
  • G Star Powder- By applying it, heat of 5000 degree Celsius can be achieved.
  • Hydro Electric Bio Cell – This device can store 50 thousand volts of electricity.
  • Solar Mile – It is made by combining solar energy and wind energy. Power can be stored even when the wind moves at a speed of 2 km.
  • Gopalasaka – will reduce radiation born of nuclear attack. Now within 5 years its effect can be eradicated. While the radiation of nuclear attack lasts for a hundred years.
  • BANANA NANO FIBER AND CRYSTAL- Made nano fiber from banana thumb. He made gels. This will make diaper products. Bullet proof jacket can be made from fiber. Banana leaves can be used to make tissue paper, file covers and cartons. Liquid can make hair dye. Applying it once will make the hair black forever. Bricks will be made from banana thumb. The houses built from this will float on water. AC will not be needed in summer. Electric batteries have been made from liquid which is ten times more powerful.
  • Biodegradable Plastic – Biodegradable plastic is made from banana thumb. After using it, it will automatically become compostable. It can be used in the fields.
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