AGW Bharat comes to make a next big change in media industry


New Delhi: Indian Media is Free & Responsible and it’s the Second Largest TV Market in the World. So in this era, AGW Media Network Pvt Ltd is launching India’s First Youth-Driven Media Tech News Brand AGW Bharat. AGW stands for Asia In Global World. Our Tagline is “Rag Rag me Rashtrawad” which means Nationalism in Veins. 

AGW Bharat has collected all key points that are required to keep in mind to solve the problem in India Media which is biasedness, important news left behind, no strong content hold, and many others. We will leave no issue behind so that people of each and every age will be satisfied with the true content we show. AGW Bharat is working hard to bring back the real identity of mainstream media. 

Why AGW Bharat is different from other news channel? 

As everyone knows Indian Media, follows some specific thoughts, and many support a special Political Agenda. Nowadays, no channel is sharing the truth with the audience. But in this situation, AGW Bharat is coming back with a Team for showing the truth and giving the right information right by Reporting from Ground Zero with a new way of Journalism. 

AGW Bharat is Founded by Neeteesh Gaharwar & Naveen Prasad. This both entrepreneurs are very young and has came up with a decision to make a next big change in media industry so that Indian Media should not lose their credibility in Indian Society. 

Before the launch of startup they have travelled many places of India and talked with many people that what today’s youth & others  generation wants to see in news channel. Starting from Delhi, 2019 to January 2021 they travelled across India covering many states like Delhi, Half of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal & Maharastra. 

In few weeks they are coming up with Youth Citizenship Journalism App named AGW Universe because every news should be heard.

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