He possess a name which is as unique as his songs, NST (No Second Thoughts), the 22 year old rapper who brings out versatility through his music has a must-read story behind the scene. To begin with his name itself. The journey of NST, who has been everyone’s go-to for music, is quite interesting. He was born in North Miami, Florida on June 12, 1998.

His first song ever was with the popular Miami artist Stiches. He has collaborated with many eminent personalities like Zaytoven and Big Trill among others apart from being the manager of  Sauce Walkas.

He started a label and signed himself to it. Over thirty girls went so crazy for him that they got his name tattooed on them. Interestingly, some girls went so mad for him that they have even tattooed his name on their faces as well.

Talking about his social life, he is active on Instagram and enjoys a great fan following with 11.1K followers which is nothing but a reward for his immense hardwork and dedication. He is regarded by every other famous rapper or music artist like him, and  various enthusiasts who appreciate him by frequently commenting on his post.   

Having the biggest co-signs in the music industry NST is fond of living a have a crazy lifestyle which may seem like a Hollywood movie to others.  Always surrounded by yachts, jet skis, flights and models, NST’s life is truly an example and dream for many people to live by. 

His Instagram is enough proove to us that how much NST is intrigued by fashion, be it dressing in casuals or formals he is precise at it !

NST has a plethora of fan following across the globe and has left imprints on the hearts of many with his overly talented perfomances, speedy rap songs, presentable music videos and artistic abilities. 

NST is an inspiration for many and has also won numerous accolades for his artistic work. NST have been just incredible as a music artist, has been enormously paid, and also enjoy a lot of materialistic advantages like plush cars and lavish bunglows. 

His songs are a form of art that would puzzle people into thinking that how can a person be so perfect and remarkable! NST’s personality is just as exclusive and dynamic as his works are which is surely capable of wooing the hearts of his fans and especially girls !

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