Ashfaque Nabi, a self made politician from non political family


born in Mumbai, brought up in Delhi, his interest range from politics to entrepreneurship and he owns a delhi-based Digital Marketing Company.

Through his company ” Digital Circle Media “he is creating awareness among Indian youth willing to join mainstream politics.

Mr Ashfaque received his education from the reputed ‘ Delhi College of Arts and Commerce & is associated with Indian National Congress’s Social Media Department.

“After Completing Studies, I went on to achieve my childhood dream of doing Import-Export Business. Completing a Diploma in Export- Import,
I honed my skills and gained knowledge about doing business internationally, and travelled to China, Hongkong to start a business from there.

“After working for few years,that business suffered and I got involved in computers and digital marketing Later, I started another one marketing company, ‘Digital Circle Media’ Mr Ashfaque added.

Mr Ashfaque Nabi said that his ” Digital Circle Media” journey started in 2016. Having observed my work in Internet,google & graphic designing some people contacted for getting thier work done by my company. ” I not only work commercially, I advised them with my vast experience in politics ,I show them the right way to move ahead in politics and also answer thier queries, confusions.

“Many people spends lots of time & efforts but could not achieve much in politics. ” Guiding them & saving their precious time is my motto “. I remember,I never said ‘No’ to anyone who comes to me for any advice or help” Mr Ashfaque said.

With guidance of his Mentor, ‘ Mr Haroon Yusuf ‘ ex- minister, Govt of Delhi & ‘ Mr Rashid Alvi ‘ senior spokesperson,Indian National Congress, has learned a lot. “helping anyone in need without any question asked, is one of the things I got from them” said Ashfaque

Recently received Rajiv Gandhi National Excellence Award” & “Corona Warrior Award” from Congress party for his service to the people during Covid.

Zubair Khan, one of his friends, said that Ashfaque has always been talented & his helping attitude is what makes him lovable and that’s the reason he is admired by several people.

“He struggled a lot in life but I know him as a determined guy from the beginning,” Mr Khan said.

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