Changing The Game With His Majestic Performance : Shivam Chaudhary


Shivam chaudhary also known as The Shiv is a singer, Rapper & actor. Shiv is very passionate toward music & he always come up with something new and interesting in terms of his art & work. His most famous & electrifying song of 2023 was “MERE SHIVA” which is dedicated to LORD MAHADEV ( HINDU GOD )
In 2024, his new song “LAUT AYEEE RAM” Which is dedicated to LORD RAM ( HINDU GOD ) is all set to break the records of his previous masterpiece “MERE SHIVA”

Apart from these genres, Shiv had did many major genres in these last past years, including Indian commercial & International club bangers.
some of the most sucessful hits of his career are “NA JANE” , “ME & YOU” , “NAGMA” , “INFINITY” & if we talk about International hits then here are the top ones – “WHEN I WAS 18” ( This was the debut song of The Shiv which was released in 2021 ) , “SMASHING THE DOOR” ( If you love dark, afterhours vibe then this song will be perfect fit for you ) , “LET’S MAKE SOME LOVE” ( This Song got the spot light for Shiv, as in this song, shiv tried to portray the beauty of afro culture & tried to showcase the party-lifestyle of west side )

At last not the least, Shiv is all set to Rule 2024 & all he need is the support of his lovely audience, fans, listeners, family & everyone as this year, the most unexpected releases will be release & most unexpected collaborations will be out by The Shiv for this 2024.

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