Lakshmishree Investment Review 2024– Is it a Top Stockbroker for Traders and Investors?


Lakshmishree Investments Review: Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Varanasi, Lakshmishree Investments boasts nearly two decades of experience in the Indian stock broking industry. With a network of over 20 branches and a client base exceeding 2 lakhs, Lakshmishree Investments has established itself as a leading player in the market. Notably, the firm offers discounted Brokerage on Equity, Mutual Funds & IPOs and charges a flat fee of Rs. 17 per traded order for all trades.

Lakshmishree Investments provides trading across various segments, including equity, equity futures and options, currency futures and options, commodity futures and options, index futures and options, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and IPOs.

The brokerage firm has garnered attention for its innovative approach to discount brokerage. This review will delve into the key features and advantages that make Lakshmishree Investments a compelling choice for traders seeking an efficient and cost-effective trading experience.

Brokerage Charges:

A standout feature of Lakshmishree Investments is that the firm offers discounted Brokerage on Equity and mutual fund investments, appealing to long-term investors and active traders. The platform charges a flat ₹17 per traded order for intraday, futures, and options (F&O) trading.

Types of Accounts, Account Opening Charges, and AMC:

Opening an account with Lakshmishree Investment is straightforward as it offers trading and demat accounts. The Demat account opening charges at Lakshmishree Investments and the annual maintenance charge (AMC) are NIL.

Account Opening Process:

Opening an account with Lakshmishree Investments is hassle-free. The required documents include a PAN Card, Address Proof, Passport Size Photo, Income Proof, and a scanned signature. To open an account, visit the Lakshmishree Investments website, provide the necessary details, link your bank account, upload documents, and complete the e-sign with Aadhaar verification.

Product Offerings:

Lakshmishree Investments caters to a diverse range of investment needs through its comprehensive suite of products. The company offers a seamless trading experience across various asset classes, from equity and derivatives to commodity and currency trading. Additionally, its mutual fund services and depository participant offerings further enhance the investment ecosystem for clients.

Trading Platforms:

The company’s flagship trading platforms, including Shree Varahi Web, Desktop App, and Mobile App, provide users with intuitive interfaces and advanced features for informed decision-making. Whether clients prefer web-based, desktop, or mobile trading, Lakshmishree Investments ensures accessibility and functionality across all channels.

Educational Initiatives and Support:

Lakshmishree Investments goes beyond transactional services, offering many educational resources and support to empower clients. From live webinars and market outlook sessions to personalised assistance from relationship managers, the company fosters financial literacy and engagement among investors.


Lakshmishree Investments stands out as a competitive stockbroker, particularly with its zero brokerage on equity and mutual fund investments. With a focus on transparency, innovation, and customer empowerment, Lakshmishree Investments will emerge as a top choice for traders and investors in 2024. The platform’s diverse range of segments, user-friendly trading platforms, and additional features make it a platform worth exploring for traders and investors in the Indian market.
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