How to push Google to add rich information to your online brand?


I introduce FAMEData an Indian version of Wikidata where anyone in the world can create unlimited free entities for their brand and business until they follow FAMEData’s notability guidelines.

FAMEData is a graph database that produces rich structured data and push Google to add richer information to your brand or business and the information just appears when someone googles your brand or business.

It runs on MediaWiki software, the same software that Wikipedia uses.

FAMEData is the best source to add rich information into your Google Knowledge Panel. It can also trigger brand new knowledge panel for your personal and business if not yet available.

FAMEData is powered by FAMEPedia, a not-for-profit organization, contributing to the linked web by adding meaningful and rich information on the internet. It was started by founder Sunil Butolia on 19 August 2019.

You can just create your first entity here: Create New Item just give it a try, playing with knowledge data is a fun!

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