Interview with Ankit Shaw, reveals you can change your life with dedication


“Stage is where I am.” shares Ankit Shaw the emcee who’s made a name for himself and is one of the most popular ones out there!

Having performed in over 1000 plus live shows and around 500 offline shows. The young lifestyle Influencer has even made appearances on TED talks and is considered to be one of the most stylish ones out there.

He is everything you want in an influencer and he shares bits and pieces of his life with his thousands of followers and inspires them to work towards their goal.

A testimony to his style and swagger is that he is the most Awarded Emcee for his Work and winning attitude which isn’t surprising given the charisma and enigma of the young influencer.

Having done his graduation in media, Ankit has worked in the media industry and is no stranger to the entertainment industry, the youngster is on a rise and there’s no slowing him down!
He shares when he feels nervous he simply walks into the washroom before event look into the morrow and “I’m the best” twist and toss his hair and walks out more confident.

1) How and when did you discover your passion?

I had Different passions in life. It was a time when I wanted to be a doctor. Therefore, I want to Climb Mt Everest too. But life Agreed to a Different passion. Now I’m Hugely Passionate about my Profession which Is Anchoring Live and Offline Shows and events across the Country. I discovered myself as a TV Enthusiast Who Loves to be infront of the camera and Heart used to beat fast when I heard “Roll Camera Action”.

When I was doing my Graduation From a media School I started interning with several News channels and Media Houses and started taking over studio Anchoring And Content Development. I understood this is What I want to do. I was Very young Fresh and raw similar to A soil whatever shape you give I take that shape. Simply I absorbed this Profession And indulged myself in Polishing every bit of my Actions On and off Stage.

I was working for various channels for News, Cultural and Devotional shows and one fine day I was offered a Sports show trust me it was a huge event and I said a Yes. I believe that was the turning point of my life as the Main Anchor wasn’t Available and substituted. Yes! Things happened accidentally and that “Yes” Proved Hugely.

Though My Passion for Events had always been Since when I was 18-19 years old. I used to work as a Promoter, Being a dancer I used to Dance for World cup, Ipl ceremonies etc.

2) What do you think is your biggest achievement?

I personally believe No single thing had been a big Achievement it has always been a Collective Effort of Works And efforts which turned each step a big one for me. To name a few it was a big achievement for me When I was 3rd Most Influential Ballet Dancer in East india. When I Was chosen as a Speaker for TedX this was the master stroke.

I’m 23 years old and My Transformation and Life’s big turn has absolutely moved many people. My life stories had always been admired by those who know me. Tedx had always been in my top bucket list and when it happened I was the happiest one as the only Live Artist from kolkata to touch Ted stage.

3) What was the most challenging moment for you?

I remember the most challenging moment for me was back in school days when I was bullied and Ragged and being considered as Weak. I’m still Figuring out the Calculating meter to judge somebody weak. Challenging moments had been many but coming out of it smartly and being so patient was my ultimate Sixer.

Most challenging moments were when we had no enough money for Livelihood but We say that God will never Let you sleep Empty stomach. Indeed times Fly and it flew so high that Things Bring in New Aspirations and Strength to Fight Even further.

When I talk about my Passion and the Challenges I faced I believe there were many. But yes I being Utterly butterly hugely Flawed and those flaws whispered in my ears “You are the Best” And even told before my shows when I’ve butterflies in my stomach I simply go to the washroom toss my hair look into the eyes and say “Yes I’m the best” this is what has got me going.

Huge challenge was when I was penerating into the Live Event industry. This Fraternity was An alien to me. Who to connect who to Talk was tough. I used to call any random event manager back then and pitch.

4) What does passion mean to you?

Passion for me Is something that gets you going even when you are Broke Or Tired of Life. Passion is the inner fire which makes you Fierce and Fearless.

For me Passion had always been “Dance” I used to Dance for 4-5 hours every day. I’ve Stories lined up to the places I’ve visited to all the dance Competition and performances I’ve done. I believe that the “God Of Arts” has a special blessing on my head because to all be passions and professions I’ve been since past few years it’s always related to “Stage” and I know stage is my Home. From Dance to Anchoring to Modeling I’ve Delivered myself to the – Stage, lights, mic. Isn’t it Beautiful?

For me Life is Too big to not do things I love. So simply run and accomplish. Even if your passion is big and seems impossible as career remember one thing “Winston Churchill” once said – courage is the first of all Human Spirits, because it is that human spirit which Guarantees humanity.

This Human life is indeed a Gift and Using it is my Choice. There are 2 things in life Passion and Profession. Who makes their Passion as profession are lucky and there are who Keep Passion and professions side by side. It’s upon you who you wanna take over. Cheers!

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