Israeli Medical Device Company Develops Groundbreaking Cornea Implant – CorNeat KPro


CorNeat Vision, an Israeli medical device company, has developed a groundbreaking artificial cornea implant known as the CorNeat KPro. The CorNeat KPro is a first-of-its-kind ocular implant that has the potential to revolutionize corneal transplant surgery and help millions of people worldwide suffering from corneal blindness.

The CorNeat KPro is designed to replace a damaged or diseased cornea, which is the transparent outer layer that covers the eye’s iris and pupil. The implant is made from a synthetic material that integrates directly into the eye, allowing it to function like a natural cornea. Unlike traditional corneal transplants, the CorNeat KPro does not require a donor cornea, eliminating the need for a waiting list and reducing the risk of rejection.

A recent study published in the journal Cornea reported on the successful implantation of the CorNeat KPro in rabbits, demonstrating its safety and efficacy. The study showed that the CorNeat KPro integrated seamlessly into the rabbits’ eyes, and no signs of inflammation, infection, or rejection were observed. The rabbits exhibited improved visual acuity and were able to maintain their vision for six months following the implantation.

The CorNeat KPro has also received approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health to conduct a clinical trial on human patients, which is currently ongoing. The trial is being conducted in Israel and includes 10 patients with corneal blindness. The preliminary results have shown promising outcomes, with the patients reporting improved visual acuity and no complications related to the implant.

The CorNeat KPro is also gaining recognition from physicians worldwide. In a recent interview with Cornea Today, Dr. Mark A. Terry, an ophthalmologist and cornea specialist at Devers Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon, praised the CorNeat KPro, saying that it “could be a game-changer for corneal blindness.”

The CorNeat KPro has the potential to provide a long-term solution for corneal blindness and improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. With ongoing clinical trials and support from the medical community, the CorNeat KPro is poised to become a major breakthrough in the field of ophthalmology.

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