Jyoti Kumari playing lead role in her upcoming film on ‘Cycle Story’


Many migrant laborers have come a long way to reach their homes during the lockdown in India. One of them is Jyoti Kumari, who cycled 1200 kilometers to take her injured father home.

This act of Jyoti will now be extended to the audience through a film in which Jyoti herself is playing the lead role.

Shine Sharma is soon going to make a film titled Self-Reliant to show Jyoti’s story. The story of the film will be made on the problems faced by Jyoti from Gurugram to Bihar. It will be made in Hindi, English and Maithili languages. Along with directing the film, Shine has also produced it along with his friends Miraj, Feroze and Sajit Nambier. It will be made under the banner of WeMakefilm.

According to the PTI report, the self-sufficient film will be shot at the actual location, although it will not be a documentary. Regarding this journey, Jyoti Kumari told Hindustan Times, if I did not go on this journey, my father would have died of hunger. The troubles had increased after the lockdown. The landlord wanted to drive us out of the house. They had also cut the power twice for not paying our rent. My father had no income, we had to reach home somehow.

Traveling 1200 km by buying an old bicycle

Jyoti further told about this, I told my father that I will take him by bicycle but he did not agree. He was repeatedly telling me that I could not. I took out a thousand rupees from the bank and deposited Rs 500 and bought an old bicycle. I cycled 50-60 km every day. Cycling across the big bridge was difficult. We used to spend the night at the petrol pump and used to get food from people on the way.

Bihar girl Jyoti Kumari is just 15 years old. He traveled from Gurugram to Darbhanga in a hot summer by sitting his father on a bicycle. Apart from this country, his courage was also appreciated from abroad. Jyoti was also praised by Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka. The self-sustaining film will also be shown with subtitles in 20 languages ​​and its title for foreigners is A Journey of Migrant. Currently the search is on for the actor who plays his father.

Jyoti Kumari’s father got in a legal trouble.

Jyoti Kumari’s father, who took his injured father on a bicycle from Gurugram to Darbhanga and took him home, got caught in legal troubles. A Mumbai-based filmmaker has accused Jyoti’s father Mohan Paswan that he has broken the contract to make a film with the company, so this company has sent a legal notice to Mohan. Also, Jyoti and her father are being accused of lying about this incident.

Jyoti Kumari has already become famous as ‘Cycle Girl’ due to traveling on a bicycle up to Darbhanga, 12 hundred kilometers from Gurugram, near the country’s capital Delhi. Due to this incident in his life, a film production company bought the rights to his event and decided to make a film on it. Also, it has been decided that Jyoti herself will not play any other character in this film. This agreement gave Jyoti the status of an actress from an ordinary girl overnight.

Now We Make Films, a company that produces this small web series and advertisement film, has accused Jyoti’s father that he has sold the rights to the same incident to another company. Expressing its objection, the company which had entered into an earlier agreement has sent a legal notice to Mohan Paswan. In the legal notice, the company cited the agreement between Mohan and himself, that Mohan should immediately cancel the agreement with another company. He does not want any dispute about this film in the coming time.

Giving information, Jyoti’s father Mohan said that he received this notice only on Thursday. He says that he is being mentally tortured as a Dalit. Mohan said, ‘The company is threatening us in various ways but I am not afraid. I will answer every question of the company in court. The company put me in a dilemma and got the paper signed and signed. The company did not complete the time it had to pay Rs. If he breaks the rules, it’s okay and if I break, it’s wrong. ‘

It is known that Shiney Krishna has been given the responsibility of directing the film titled ‘Self-sufficient’. Shiney has directed the 2011 film ‘4PM on the Court’. At the same time, films like ‘Private Number’ and ‘Jugaad’ have also been associated with the directing team. Jyoti herself will play Jyoti herself in the film. At the same time, Sanjay Mishra, a well-known actor of Indian cinema, has been selected to play the role of Jyoti’s father.

Sanjay Mishra’s films have been waiting for their release for a long time now but they are unable to find a medium to reach the audience. His previous film ‘Kamal’, produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, was also awaiting its release for almost two years. It has finally been released on 6 March.

On the other hand, the incident involving Jyoti Kumari’s distance of 12 hundred kilometers from Gurugram to Darbhanga in just eight days is also embroiled in controversies. In fact, some people believe that if Jyoti covers a distance of 12 hundred kilometers in just eight days, it means that she will have to cycle 150 kilometers every day. While his injured father was with him, it is impossible for any human being.

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