Khan Sir on The Kapil Sharma Show; audience got emotional after listening to him


Khan Sir of Bihar is known to the youth of the whole country because Khan Sir provides civil services coaching at a very cheap fee to the youth. The youth believe in every word said by Khan sir and follow his guidance. This is the reason why Khan Sir is no less than a sanjeevani booti for the youth. Day by day the number of his fans is increasing. From time to time, his videos also go viral on social media. Seeing whom everyone does not get tired of praising him.

Recently, Kapil Sharma called Khan sir in his show, whose video went viral. Today we will tell about the same that what was it like in that viral video?

Khan sir told that the country’s biggest exam is UPSC, for the preparation of which many established institutes charge a fee of Two to Three lakh rupees, but I provide the coaching at only Rs. 7500 may be a small amount for all of you but such youths come to me from whom my hands tremble while taking the fees.

One such girl came to me and asked to shift the evening coaching time to morning, when I refused and asked the reason, she said that she goes to someone’s place to wash utensils in the evening, from which she pays coaching fees with the money she got.

Khan sir further says that a boy comes to me, when I wanted to know about him, he told that he works to bring the sand from the river to the shore, he is a laborer. And with this work he pays the coaching fees.
Hearing all these things, tears welled up in the eyes of all the people present in the show.

It can be seen in the video that Khan sir is seen telling about his students. Khan sir tells in the show that the fees of UPSC coaching has been Rs 2.5 lakh in various institutes but I offer coaching at Rs 7.5 thousand. This is also a dream for many people. To pay the fees, people wash utensils, do wages. It is also a crime to take money from them.

This video is going viral very fast on social media. Reactions of many people are being seen on this video. A user wrote on Instagram, “Much respect to Khan sir, as an engineer, I personally learn a lot during my study time.” On the other hand, another user said on this video – Sir, I want to be like you. That’s why I read everyday. I want to teach the poor.

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