Lizan dizaye is back surprising her fans by dropping a new song titled “Golden Gun”


Lizan surprised fans by dropping a new song she even raps a bit for the first time in her r&b, rap, pop song “Golden Gun” since lizan can sing many other kinds of music genres and grows organically on all platforms fans admire her & compared her to Rihanna for her rapping skills and Aaliyah for her soft voice in “Golden Gun”

she has worked with many talented producers, her celebrity friends admire her for her musical talents and vocal skills and special sounds in her vocals, shes an independent recording artist lyrics writer, art creator, lizan has a bunch of other new songs on the way

she heads back to her studio to write more songs and make more vocals, alongside all her other amazing songs and talents that she’s busy with, she’ll be surprising her fans again with more remixes all her releases are available under lizan day, on Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Soundcloud and all other platforms, including Instagram and youtube for her music video versions,

Lizan stated for her fans in the medium magazine and more magazines, to not give up on your dreams work hard with passion every day a bit and you will reach your success in life no matter what happens to do what you love surrounding yourself with positive people be the best version of you don’t look back just keep soaring

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