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Mr. Pathak was born on 2nd November 2000 in a Hindu family in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. He spend his initial five years in Pilibhit where his Father JITENDRA PATHAK was a Businessman & his Mother GEETA PATHAK was a housewife. According to Mr. Pathak, his grandparents were from Uttrakhand. He has done his schooling from LITTLE ANGELS SCHOOL, Pilibhit. His younger Sibling Udit Pathak is in 8th grade, from the same school. As of 2021 his family lives in Pilibhit itself with his mother who Is a teacher in the same school where Mr. Pathak use to study.

Mr. Pathak grew up with all the values his Parents gave him. From very early Mudit has a keen interest in dancing. He used to take part in all the dance competitions, shows which is organized in his school, city under the guidance of Mr. Javed Hussain. Mr. Pathak was Academically very active and was a keeper of extra curricular activities. He use to take part in all the Drawing, Singing, Acting, Poetry Recitation, Debate competitions. He had Won almost all the competitions. Initial Mr.Pathak aspired to pursue a career in Army but because of his eyes weakness in his early years meant that he is not physically fit for armed forces.

In the school Mr. Pathak was the best when it comes to extra curricular activities and has even made many records. He even won some District level Competitions, and have performed on almost all the Competitions in his City. In his schooling he was also an active TAEKWANDO player. He got the title of “CHOTA PACKET BADA DHAMAKA” in his schooling.

Mr. Pathak enrolled in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College, Delhi University, to earn his bachelor’s degree in Politics Science Honors, but spend much of his time in the corporate, practical world exploring about life skills and his mission. Yogi Is currently in his third year of college and plans to explore in his Entrepreneurship journey. Mudit was even the part of Innoverz :- dance society of his college and Women development cell of his college.

ArtisticYogi did many internships under different startups, companies like UIDAI, GAIL, REDBOOKSNOW, datsme, myntra, Magic pin, We settle, Homeflix Wegrow, Scholastic India, My online CA, Houseitt, Team Core, We Settle. He also worked with various NGOS like Rex ideas for Change, Udaan etc..

Although Pathak was given the birth name MuditPathak, he prefers his name to be written as Mudit Pathak, and is commonly referred to by the acronym ARTISTIC_YOGI.

In the month of JUNE 2018 Mudit started PLAN_IT_4U, registered under government of India. An event management venture to help all those college going youths who suffer from financial independence in college.
The very first event which they organized was Delhi THEATRE festival, where they were the Production Partners for the event. That event acted as a Launchpad for PLAN_IT_4U and for Mudit Pathak. After that they organized, Dance Championships like working with GENRE by Preeti Khetan, Modelling Competition organized by Shammi Singh RAJPUT.

In Delhi Mr. Pathak use to devote Every Weekend towards exploring and building his Company. They hire College going youths in the team because Mudit believes that Youths are effective and efficient and have the power to conquer the world. With this PLAN_IT_4U was Recognized by INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS, a national record which Mr. Pathak created. Till date PLAN_IT_4U has completed 10 Nationally Recognized Events under the mentorship of Mr.Pathak. The lockdown phase was quite tough for the company as the company was paused because of the market conditions but Mr. Pathak used this time to build Goodwill for the venture.

He is artistic by nature

His First Social Venture, emerged because Mudit himself is an artist he knew the difficulties which an artist faces in his life. When through his Event management company he started going closer to artists he observed that these issues affect artists a lot, Lack of support, Lack of encouragement which although is very much required from the family and from the society. So Mudit established this community of Artists, a safer place where Mudit support, appreciates, motivates and inspires artists to be the real them. ARTISTIC_BYNATURE organizes events for artists to give them platform to explore and complete. Community have collaborated with more than 1000+ events in this shot span of 1 year nationally and internationally. And helpled organizers by promoting the event, providing Sponsorship to the events to support events and encourage artists to participate. They even collaborated and helped events in Delhi University. They even organized different events in this lockdown virtually.

Proved to be a good entrepreneur

Mudit Dream Co- leading Initiative to bring reformation in education system, which he is trying to do with the help of THEYOGI_GANG, An organization for youth Upliftment, youth empowerment. Yogi is trying to shift the education system from career moule to entrepreneural mindset, From book worms to practical knowledge in the curriculum of schools and colleges. He takes workshops, seminars and sessions to teach youths about practical topics like, PERIOD, Sex education, Menstrual hygiene, Entrepreneurship etc which are not tought in schools and colleges. He is also planning to launch a curriculum on ART OF VOLUNTEERING in every school and college telling the importance of volunteering to every youth and urging them to volunteer atleast some hours of their time towards nation building.

In this Lockdown Mudit Pathak & Pranjul Tyagi jointly started this initiative under UNITED NATIONS FOUNDATION. BHARAT_GIRLUP is an initiative to empower women. Initially they both started alone but then they started taking volunteers and eventually ended up being a team of 100 team members from different schools, colleges. They organized campaigns, events, workshops, talk shows, seminars, sessions, summer camp to empower and spread equality. It’s been more than a year to BHARAT_GIRLUP and it has created a name among youths. BHARAT_GIRLUP is not just a name, but a mark of respect.

From the very starting in school Mudit has keen interest in dance. He use to take part in every school competition, event stage show in the city. After school he joined Innoverz, dance society of his college. He even auditioned for DID season 6 when he was in his schooling. In school he use to Choreograph his group dance of Teachers day and farewell. After his schooling when he was in college he even performed in his college many times. He even Choreographed his school Annual Function Act when he was in college. He even performed in front of late Mrs. SAROJ KHAN. He was invited to judge the dance competition in Gautam Buddha University, Noida in his first year of college.

Mudit pathak is a recognized Celebrity Anchor/ Emcee because of his on stage timing and way of handling crowd. Yogi has anchored on nationally recognized events like 26th January event for 2 consecutive years organized by TEAM WE CARE, anchored in Dream dance Championship for free, was Emcee in Underground dance battle. He loved to host the events. He was invited by NSS unit of his college to host the official yearly fest.

In this Lockdown Mudit started writing poetry/ Shayari to express his inner feelings which he has. He wrote some very great poems “KYA TUM SUN RAHI HO”, “I WISH”, “SHE HERO”.
He mostly writes in romance genre. His poems are featured in 50+ platforms and people really love his poems. He has even performed in many open mic events and have won many poetry, open mic events.
He won almost 40 Open mic events.

Author of more than a dozen books

In this Lockdown Mudit Pathak started writing his expressions and started expressing in the book, which was eventually his true one sided love story. He wanted to express, expect but couldn’t so he started writing it and Ultimately released it in the format of a E- BOOK via Kindle, Amazon kdp. People really loved his story and he got very positive responses because of which after 6 months he published his solo book :- KHWAISH, A true one sided love story of his own. He wrote this in a record time of 20 days. And KHWAISH is India’s only book on the true one sided love story of a CHANGEMAKER. The book got released on 12th june, same day on which his one sided love was born. With this he won many Awards for his books nationally. He says “Khwaish is very close to his heart, and each and every word written in that is absolutely true”. This book is being published by ROSEWOOD PUBLICATION.

Mudit pathak stepped into the Production line by being the producer of newly released Music album by the name of KHWAISH, on the story line of Mr. Pathak’s book KHWAISH. The screenplay has been also written by Mr. Pathak
The video was shoot in Jaipur. This is an original song sung by the very talented singers from Jaipur. The song will be released on all the Ott platforms as well as in YouTube Channel of ARTISTIC_YOGI.

Selected in this cohort of 19 Changemakers from all across the country. Ashoka Young Changemaker

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