Mr. Mohamed Elsayed Abbas Sheliwa (Walid Sheliwa): A Name Revered in the Hotel Industry


Walid Sheliwa is a renowned figure in the hospitality sector, boasting over two decades of comprehensive experience that transcends mere expertise. Born to an Egyptian father and a Turkish mother, his diverse background enriches his perspective. Currently holding the esteemed position of General Manager in an international group based in Dubai, Walid’s journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Early Passion Turns into a Thriving Career

Walid Sheliwa’s passion for the world of restaurants and hotels ignited during his early years, nurturing an unwavering connection to this industry. Eventually, he decided to embark on a small business venture that would set him on the path to success. Throughout his ascent, Walid firmly believes in the values of perseverance and hard work.

From Italy to Dubai: A Global Journey

His journey began in 2006 in Italy, where he honed his skills at Stefanos Restaurants. After gaining invaluable experience in Italy, he ventured to Dubai in 2010, where he has since been a prominent figure.

A Legacy of Successful Establishments

Walid Sheliwa boasts an impressive list of restaurant openings and ventures in Dubai, UAE. Notable establishments include Stefanos Italian Restaurant, Zahr El Lemon Lebanese Restaurant, and Emirgan Sutis Turkish Restaurant. He’s also celebrated for his pivotal role in the successful launch of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. Currently, he serves as the Store Manager at Mr. Kunafa Sweets in Dubai, a renowned outlet specializing in Turkish Baklava and Kunafa Sweets.

An Inspiring Vision for the Future

In a candid discussion, Walid Sheliwa shared insights into his professional philosophy and his outlook for the future of the restaurant industry. “My journey, though lengthy, has been rooted in a commitment to fostering a culture of excellence. Ambition and a relentless pursuit of knowledge have been my guiding lights,” he remarked.

Embracing Technology and Innovation

Regarding the industry’s future, Walid emphasized the paramount role of technology and innovation. “Constantly evolving and innovating is my ethos. At my restaurants, patrons can expect a fresh experience every time. While I specialize in authentic Italian and Turkish cuisine, innovation is never relegated to the background.”

Pioneering New Ideas

Walid Sheliwa is dedicated to introducing pioneering concepts to the restaurant industry. His vision includes expanding his Turkish and Italian restaurant chains, promising a dynamic future for his culinary ventures.

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