Sayam Pradhan: How a 15-year-old boy trying to Develop India?


Distinguishing himself from the crowd brings Sayam; An unstoppable and one of the most distinguished and youngest entrepreneurs of the period. He has proved that age does not matter to achieve anything, but when he reaches a large scale he takes advantage of that thing. The spirit of enthusiasm and diligence can lead a person to the path of success and Sayam is doing his best through his ideal marketing.

Sayam Pradhan is only 15 years old who is passionate at his works. He believes in planning one target at a time. He has written several books to make Indian Youth Successful in life which helps the Indian Youth to be successful in life,but the interesting thing is that all the cost earned by Sayam’s book are donated to the needy people.On September 2017, he was awarded the first award of his life, the HelpAge India Award for his works when he was only twelve years old, then again in January 2019 by HelpAge India. He is alsodigital medalist of Skating tournament by JCI India. He Received the Gold Medal in May 2017.

How did Sayamblogs get popular?

Sayam Pradhan is an Indian Blogger and Author who had written books and the Owner of Sayamblogs. Sayamblogs is known as the Trusted Health Integrities in India. Sayam noticed people asking others about their problem of which they have no idea but what if the other person misguide him. Therefore, he started a blog for those who searches on internet about the health problems. Not only health related blogs are written by Sayam Pradhan, but he also write article to guide people choose their career and get successful in life. He is only 15 years old, and is planning for the success at playing age.

Sayamblogs was started on 2017 by Sayam Pradhan. But it got known after two long years of Struggle. The blog came in the spotlight of the Search Engine Optimization in late 2019 and Started Get Explored by More and More People.

After earning thousands of rupees from Sayamblogs, he decided to turn the site into an non-profit organization which will only help people at no cost or advertisements. The Sayamblogs is getting more and more traffic from the web day by day in the Lockdown days.

Sayam Pradhan is now working on digital marketing. Currently, He is taking Experiences in Digital Marketing. He believes in create content high quality & helpful content for people. The rest of the Marketing will be done by the People, After promoting once on the social media websites.

Future Plans of Sayam Pradhan

Sayam Pradhan is an person with a inspiring story. He is a known Blogger in Odisha Among Youth to Old Generations, But few are familiar with his Story. He is currently planning a new business idea.

Sayam Pradhan is the Youngest Blogger who is famous all over the Odisha. Many Problems came to Sayam’s Life but he tried to fight. The Biggest Down Phase of Sayam Pradhan was when his Instagram account with approx 5000+ followers got hacked and deleted in late 2019. That was too depressive phases for him but he never gave up made an another account and currently struggling in the latest account.

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