Sunny Kamboz says In olden times music used to describe everything created by nature


Punjabi singer Sunny Kamboz says In the beginning of the world, when man explored everything in the world, he invented music for his entertainment. In the past, they used to consider every moment of their happiness, sorrow and every moment of their life with music. Most of the music brought peace to our hearts and minds. People had a mutual love for music. They used to express their feelings through music.

There was value in music in relationships. As time goes by. Mutual love has diminished. Everything has become adulterated. In today’s time water, air, land as well as music has become polluted. In the past, music was a medicine. Today’s music is poisoning.

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Punjabi singer Sunny Kamboz believes that in the olden times music used to describe air, love, clouds, flowers, water and everything created by nature. Those words gave peace to our inner souls.
But in the changing times, today’s lyricists have mixed poison in the songs. The laxity in today’s music has increased very fast. The lyrics show the bad influence of women.

There is more vulgarity and violence in today’s songs : Sunny Kamboz

Killing each other is said to be a great honor. Today’s songs are only about weapons, woman’s body, money, wealth, alcohol, bloodshed, gangster life. Some artists say that this is just entertainment.
It has no effect on human life. But if we can take our life on the right path by listening to the GurBani of the Gurus, then isn’t the bad song having any effect on our life. Life is like flowing water. They will be shown the same path.

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They are portrayed in songs as a source of great respect for alcohol. Young children around the age of 15-18 around me are victims of it. When we were little, our uncle used to play with us on his lap. Uncle Patija’s desire was very special. Uncle is being portrayed as the enemy in the song.

Punjabi singer Sunny Kamboz said In the past, if a song had become very popular, “I made it on the head of uncles and aunts, I made it myself.” I mean, that song had a profound effect on my thinking.

This may not be the case with everyone. But these songs have an effect on the lives of many people nowadays. Do.
Because of this many young people die at an early age. Life is seen as a hooliganism in songs. But not all lyricists perform songs like this. Many songs also encourage us to do something in life. Goals change.

My purpose in writing this article is not to offend anyone. I want to make people aware of the future with my words. There is a big difference between the life of a song and real life. We should all spread the message of love through our songs.
So that the thorns of hatred do not bloom in our society, the flowers of love bloom. God has created us to live together in this world with love.

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