Viral Video: Artist Transforms Priyanka Chopra into a Man Using Photoshop and Liquify Tool


Photoshop is a versatile image editing software that allows users to enhance and manipulate digital images in a myriad of ways. Its powerful tools are used by professional photographers, graphic designers, and artists to achieve their creative vision.

In recent years, artists have been using Photoshop and artificial intelligence to create stunning artistic illustrations that are flooding social media. One video that recently went viral was created by video creator José Antonio Saliba, who used Photoshop to transform actor Priyanka Chopra into a man. The video shows the artist using Adobe Photoshop’s Liquify tool to give the actor a masculine appearance.

Starting with the actor’s original image, the artist made her eyes smaller, lowered her hairline, and added facial hair to create a male look. The artist then used a filter to change the hairstyle, giving Chopra the final look. The video quickly gained attention on social media, with internet users amused by the transformation and posting a variety of comments and jokes.

Despite the fun nature of the video, Priyanka Chopra has been making headlines for other reasons lately. She recently made comments about the Bollywood industry and her ‘tumultuous relationship’ with it, which led to her decision to move to Hollywood. She and her husband, Nick Jonas, recently visited India with their one year daughter Malti Marie for the launch of NMACC, and they are currently promoting their upcoming web series, Citadel. The action thriller, produced by the Russo Brothers, is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 28.

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