A Remarkable Journey in Sports: Ghaus Mohd’s Legacy of Passion and Dedication


Ghaus Mohd, a name synonymous with sports fervor, embarked on a journey in 1985 that would leave an indelible mark on India’s sports landscape. From commentator to player, his multifaceted contributions have reverberated across the nation.

Local Sports Coverage:
At the inception of his career, Ghaus Mohd ignited the airwaves with “Khel Sewa” on All India Radio. His passionate Hindi commentary encompassed a plethora of local sports, ranging from table tennis, volleyball, football, hockey, athletics, to wrestling.

National Broadcasting Platforms:
His infectious enthusiasm extended to DD National and DD Metro, where “Sports Khel Khel Mein” became a staple for viewers. The turning point came with Sydney Olympics when Ghaus Mohd seamlessly transitioned to off-tube commentary for all Olympic sports on DD Sports.

Tournaments and Engagements:
Ghaus Mohd’s footprint on the sports arena was marked by the Subroto Cup, a tournament he commentated on over 26 occasions. His commitment even saw him grace the field as a player, participating twice in an event orchestrated by the Indian Air Force, where he played a pivotal role.

Durand Cup’s Resonance:
The Durand Cup saw Ghaus Mohd shine, narrating over 25 live finals. This remarkable feat was punctuated by his embodiment of the game, having also played for seven years, when the tournament was under the aegis of the Indian Army.

Encompassing Majestic Events:
From Nehru hockey to Lal Bhadur Shastri hockey, India-Pakistan hockey series to FIFA World Cup, World Hockey League to I-League football, Ghaus Mohd was omnipresent. His voice echoed in cricket, boxing, and even the Afro-Asian Games, leaving no stone unturned.

A Heart for Charity:
Beyond the confines of the field and studio, Ghaus Mohd extended his compassion. He advised, pro bono, during the Polio Unmoolan campaign and participated in charity matches, like the Kargil Benefit Match, resonating with the spirit of giving.

Words That Resonate:
His voice transcended commentaries, making a home in publications like Navbharat Times, Hindustan Times Sunday Mail, and Sunday Observer Hindi. Ghaus Mohd’s words found solace in ink, with articles spanning cricket, films, hockey, football, and badminton.

Continuing Legacy:
Amidst his journey, Ghaus Mohd remained open, often stepping into the realm of sports scan, contributing whenever called upon, maintaining his unwavering commitment to the sports arena.

Ghaus Mohd’s legacy is etched in the annals of Indian sports. His journey from commentator to player, his voice resounding in stadiums and broadcasts alike, embodies passion, dedication, and the essence of sportsmanship. His influence continues, inspiring generations to come.

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