New Featurette for ‘The Marvels’ Hints at Potential Film Ending, Fans Await High-Stakes Cosmic Showdown


In a new featurette for “The Marvels,” an inadvertent spoiler may have revealed the outcome of the film’s final battle, less than a month before its theatrical release. “The Marvels,” part of the MCU’s Phase 5, is a highly anticipated sequel to 2019’s “Captain Marvel” and features Brie Larson as Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), leading a new space-faring superhero team. While the featurette hints at a potential spoiler, the film remains a crucial piece of the Multiverse Saga and may set the stage for future blockbusters like “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Secret Wars.”

“The Marvels,” scheduled for release on November 10, 2023, introduces a cosmic mystery for its superpowered trio. Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) find their light-based powers entangled by a new MCU villain, Dar-Benn, portrayed by Zawe Ashton. The film is expected to explore themes of destabilization in the universe, introduce multiversal concepts, and potential incursions that the heroes must confront, making it a pivotal component of Phase 5 and beyond.

The accidental spoiler emerged from a featurette titled “Introducing The Marvels,” released by Marvel Studios on October 10, 2023. The video provides insight into the film’s storyline, with interviews featuring Kevin Feige, Nia DaCosta, and the cast. While the focus is on Carol Danvers taking on a leadership role in the MCU, one moment in the featurette suggests the outcome of the final battle and a possible defeat of the new Kree villain, Dar-Benn.

At the end of “Introducing The Marvels,” the trio of heroes is shown, presumably after their battle with Dar-Benn. Notably, Carol Danvers is seen holding the mystical bangle that played a role in their powers’ entanglement, while Kamala Khan is still wearing hers. This implies that Dar-Benn may be defeated by the end of the film, allowing the heroes to resolve their powers’ issues.

Despite the potential spoiler and some concerns about box office projections, “The Marvels” remains a highly anticipated film. The original “Captain Marvel” was a billion-dollar success, marking the first female-led superhero movie to cross that milestone. “The Marvels” is one of the MCU’s most expensive films to date, and profitability is a major goal for Disney.

While early box office projections have raised questions about the film’s performance, it’s essential to consider the first film’s success was influenced by its release timing, between “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Endgame.” The movie’s long-term success may hinge on critical reception and positive word of mouth, as recent box office history demonstrates that poor word of mouth can significantly impact a film’s performance.

With its release scheduled for November 10, “The Marvels” has the opportunity to become a box office hit, provided it resonates with audiences and receives favorable reviews.

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