Book review of Wondering of Indian International Ethics by Padmaja Bharti


Book review of Wondering of Indian International Ethics by Padmaja Bharti:

Wondering of Indian International Ethics is a book on an unusual genre. In the current times, peace to humanity is as necessary as oxygen to the body. Fate is yet undiscovered. However, there cannot be any marks allocated for imagining how essential peace would be for the succeeding generations.

How diplomacy should mold under ethical values has been expressed in this detailed book. Globally, all perspectives of life and work need ethics. Knowledge, morality, and consumable ethics are a way of life.

The book talks about the prominence of Indian ethics and how it can be applied in the field of Economics to bring about the much-needed changes in the growth prospects of the country and the world alike.

The book is quite a short read and teaches that following settled ethical codes of conduct can be advantageous to the world. It’s divided into seven chapters that include the analysis of Mahabharata’s Yudhisthira and education to enemy countries. The book contains remarkable technical terms that need a bit of more explanation.

The cover page invites the readers as it represents the internal content. Some several graphs and charts assist in conjecturing the concepts.

The author, Padmaja Bharti, is a design graduate from NIFT, Kolkata, and is now a full-time author. Her achievements include being rated as one of India’s top young authors and being Amazon’s bestselling author for her books Rhime of Time and Wondering of Indian International Ethics. Recently, celebrity author Priya Kumar hailed her poetry skills too.

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